We live in a world where vulnerable people are lured away from their families with promises of money and a better life. Once in the hands of traffickers, they’re deceived, coerced, and blackmailed into lives of commercial sexual exploitation, often never to see their families again.

Only 2% will ever be rescued, and the ones who are have to endure not only the difficultly of coping with what they’ve been through, but also facing their perpetrator, often standing only feet away to bring them to justice in court.

This summer, as she courageously speaks out, will you stand with her?

Through generous donations from Kiwis, and the prosecution of many criminals last year, it’s estimated that 6,000 people were saved from being trafficked in Thailand. This statistic gives us hope that one day this evil industry won’t be a viable option for perpetrators. But to get there, we need to stand with her now.

  • 120

    By prosecuting one trafficking offender, our partners can prevent approximately 120 potential victims from being trafficked.˚

  • 21 Million

    people are currently in slavery, more than any other time in history. *

  • 4.5 Million

    The number of people in forced sexual exploitation – the population of New Zealand. The vast majority are women and children. *


* Source: Ilo.org
º This assumes an average prison sentence of 5 years and assumes that the average offender is trafficking 24 victims per annum.

Story of a survivor

When Mali was 16 years old, a woman came to her village and offered her a waitressing job in central Thailand. Soon after she accepted, the woman tricked her into handing over her ID card.

When they arrived in the city, Mali was told she would actually be working in a brothel. Her virginity was sold to the highest bidder and taken by force when she put up a fight. The second man paid slightly less, the third less again.

Eventually, Mali found her way to a shelter where she received counselling and support. Over the years she’s suffered from nightmares and woken up bleeding from where she’s scratched herself in the night. She’s also attempted suicide on several occasions.

It took an incredible amount of courage to testify against her perpetrators in court. Despite her fear, she stood up and testified, and her perpetrators were convicted and sent to prison. After finishing, she turned to her social worker and said, “Thank you for standing with me. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

All images and names have been changed to protect the identity of victims and survivors

Mali is now courageously embarking on a journey of rehabilitation. Would you stand with someone like Mali this summer? Would you stand with her as she testifies? Would you walk with her on the journey of realising her worth and embracing a new life?

  • $30

    will educate ten school children on the dangers of trafficking

  • $50

    provides the initial legal assistance to a survivors of trafficking

  • $100

    provides 2-weeks of trauma counselling for two survivors

  • $270

    Will provide a high school scholarship, effectively reducing vulnerability to being trafficked.

Where does the money go?

Your money funds a full-circle approach which tackles human trafficking and sexual exploitation from every angle. Our partners on the ground work in the major global trafficking hot-spots of South-and-South-east Asia as well as the Pacific. Their end-to-end approach involves:


To truly tackle an issue as complex as human trafficking you have to start at the root causes. That’s why we work to protect at-risk communities through education and economic empowerment. Our partner reaches out through local community organisations to host entrepreneurship workshops for women, educate school children about trafficking, and provide scholarships to disadvantaged students.

Rescue and Prosecution

We work to rescue women and children trapped in sexual slavery, prosecute trafficking offenders, and infiltrate criminal networks. Our partner is a highly specialised team of covert investigators, support workers and lawyers working with local authorities to conduct brothel raids and convict offenders. In 2015 they were responsible for 15% of Thailand’s total human trafficking convictions. For every year a trafficker sits in jail, 24 potential victims stay free.


We work to restore the lives and dignity of people who have been trafficked or sexually exploited. Our partner’s rehabilitation and reintegration programmes provide the survivors with medical care, counselling, emotional support and vocational training. They run a café which acts as a training space for survivors, allowing them to gain practical skills and experience. They do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a broken life.

Map showing where Tearfund works against human trafficking

Our local partners help fight human trafficking and exploitation in Nepal, Thaliand, Cambodia, and Fiji.

In 2015, our partners made a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of people affected by trafficking and exploitation, but to continue their work we need your support.


Church Resources

We love partnering with churches and other organisations who care about our causes. To help you spread the word, we’ve created a suite of resources that you can share with your church, friends or family. We’ve also created a helpful ‘map’ to help you use these tools.

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A Thousand Thoughts

Your message will become part of A Thousand Thoughts, offering hope and support to our partners. The words you write are a solid expression of “standing with” those affected by human trafficking and exploitation.

We are hoping to create an interactive piece from the collected thoughts, and owuld love yours to be included. Download the template, write your message, and send it back to us: PO Box 8315 Symonds Street, Auckland 1150 or scan and email enquiries@tearfund.org.nz