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  • Modern Slavery

    Anti-Trafficking & Exploitation


    Modern Slavery

    Donate monthly, and join Tearfund’s movement combatting modern slavery. We need your on-going financial support to be able to fund our work through our partners Share and Care Nepal, LIFT International, Hagar, and Homes of Hope.

    A minimum monthly gift of $30 will:

    • Address the issue of demand which drives the supply in this criminal trade
    • Prevent women and children from being trafficked 
    • Rescue victims of trafficking
    • Prosecute traffickers
    • Provide aftercare for trafficked people
    • Help rehabilitate victims back into their communities
    • $230 billion (USD)

      Is the annual profit generated through human trafficking and slavery. Of that, sexual exploitation generates $150 billion

    • 25 million

      The number of human beings trapped in slavery today. More than ever before in history

  • Child Development

    Child Sponsorship

    Child Development

    You can sponsor a child 
    for $52 a month

    Sponsor a Child   or call 0800 800 777

    Does Sponsorship work? Absolutely.

    And we’ve got independent research to back it up. In 2008 a team of researchers from universities across America lead by Dr Bruce Wydick conducted independent research into our Compassion child sponsorship programme.

    The findings were published in The Journal of Political Economy in 2013* and, in short, found it to be extremely effective. Children were:

    • 27 to 40 percent more likely to finish secondary school.
    • 50 to 80 percent more likely to complete a university education.
    • 18 percent more likely to have salaried employment in their adult years.

    *The research was conducted in 2008 by team of researchers from universities across America lead by Dr Bruce Wydick. The findings were published in The Journal of Political Economy in 2013.

    Create a circle of protection around new mums and bubs

    The new Mums and Bubs Project, run in partnership with Compassion, provides pregnant mothers, primary caregivers and their babies the medical care, nutritional services and supportive community they need during the child’s first critical year of life.

    With a commitment of $30 for just 12 months, you can help babies grow, survive and thrive from their first breath to their first birthday.

    Join Mums and Bubs   
    • 18%

      Of workers in forced labour exploitation are children.

    • 14,794

      Is the average number of children under 5 who die every day.

    • 35,000

      Is the number of children around the world who have been sponsored by Kiwis

  • Disasters and Conflict

    Disaster Recovery and Peace Building


    Disasters and Conflict

    We need your support to respond to disasters and conflicts and to build peace and resilience in vulnerable communities.

    Your donation will:

    • Help us respond to disasters and conflicts when they strike
    • Help communities to ‘bounce forward’ over the long-term after disasters strike
    • Build peace and reduce tension between people groups
    • Help communities prepare for potential disasters
    • Help communities adapt to the effects of climate change
    • 1 out of 122

      People are displaced by war, violence and persecution

    • 1.7 billion

      The number of people who have had their lives disrupted due to disaster or conflict in the past 10 years

    • 3,496

      The number of natural disasters in the first decade of the 21st century. Nearly five times the number of events in the1970s

  • Farming and Enterprise

    Empower people to help themselves


    Farming and Enterprise

    With your on-going financial support you can help a community.

    A monthly gift of $30 will:

    • Empower communities to create their own businesses
    • Increase household income and well-being
    • Help connect communities to financial services through training and advocacy
    • Facilitate expansion and investment in local markets
    • $50 to $200

      The return from ever dollar invested into a self help group in Ethiopia based on a cost-benefit analysis

    • 3x

      Agricultural growth in low-income countries is three times more effective in reducing extreme poverty compared with growth in other sectors

    • 200,000

      The number of women connected to a self-help group in Ethiopia, covered by just 200 staff

How your donations are used

We're good stewards of the resources we're given and have accountability measures in place to ensure every dollar is used as effectively as possible. In addition, we are externally audited to ensure further integrity and accountability.