Ethical Practice and Sustainability


Tearfund New Zealand’s values include integrity and accountability. We prioritise operating in an ethical and sustainable manner in accordance with our mandate to relieve poverty and suffering among the world’s most vulnerable people.

Just as we ask our overseas partners to report on their commitment to human rights, dignity, resilience and sustainable practice, we will seek to do the same. As producers of the NZ Ethical Fashion Guide, we also seek to attain the high standards we encourage in fashion brands.

We also recognise the potential of purchasing power to create positive shifts toward a freer, fairer, and environmentally sustainable world. We are committed to using this purchasing power intentionally to generate such shifts.

We are committed to honouring God by treating God’s created order with respect.
This policy outlines Tearfund’s commitment to put these values into practice across business procurement and internal operations. We seek to do this by procuring goods and conducting internal operations sustainably and ethically. The policy outlines our expectations of suppliers, based on the broad expectation that their business will respect fundamental human rights and environmental responsibility.


It is the policy of Tearfund to have in place clear organisational processes and procedures that support and protect ethical practice, procurement, and sustainability, and that it will always seek to attain the same high standards expected from its partners in New Zealand and abroad. This includes:

  • Conducting the business of our organisation based on respect for fundamental human rights and the principles of freedom, fairness and equality.
  • Taking all reasonable measures to ensure our organisation operates in a way that enhances, rather than undermines the natural environment.


  • The Executive team will regularly monitor all management policies in relation to Ethical Practice and Sustainability and ensure any new initiatives that may impact on the approved policies are referred to the CEO for discussion.
  • Tearfund will reflect this policy within organisational procedures.


It is the responsibility of the CEO and Executive Team to ensure compliance with this policy.