Andrea & Nova

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What started as a sponsorship journey between Andrea and Nova,
grew into a deep friendship – across oceans, across borders, across barriers.

You and your family can start on a life-changing journey to transform another family’s
life across the world and offer them a hope more powerful than poverty.


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A commitment of $52 a month connects a child to their local church family, gives them an education,
access to a doctor and a safe place to play. It gives them a chance at a better childhood.

When you sponsor a child, you also build a relationship with the whole family by writing
and receiving letters of hope and encouragement.


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  • Modern Slavery

    Anti-Trafficking & Exploitation

    Modern Slavery

    We believe people are not commodities so we combat human trafficking to protect people from modern slavery and exploitation.

    Chanthavy's story

    "When Chanthavy was seven days old, her mother took her across the border to Cambodia and left her with her grandmother. Her mother returned three years later only to try and ‘sell’ her daughter to a strange man.” 

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    • $230 billion (NZD)

      Is the annual profit generated through human trafficking and slavery. Of that, sexual exploitation generates $150 billion

    • 25 million

      The number of people enslaved in forced labour exploitation.

    • 4.8 million

      The number of people enslaved in forced commercial sexual exploitation. The vast majority are women and children.

  • Child Development

    Child Sponsorship

    Child Development

    We believe childhood is a basic human right and every child deserves to be loved, protected and released from poverty in Jesus' name.

    Benissan's story

    "Before I had surgery, my eyes hurt. Everything was blurry. I couldn’t see the board at school. It was scary. But the first time I put on my glasses, it all went away. Now I can see just fine. One day I want to be a doctor. And if you come see me, I’ll fix you right up.”

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    • 18%

      of workers in forced labour exploitation are children.

    • 14,794

      is the average number of children under 5 who die every day.

    • 35,000

      is the number of children around the world who have been sponsored by New Zealanders.

  • Disasters and Conflict

    Disaster Recovery and Peace Building

    Disasters and Conflict

    We believe we're to respond to those in need, so we help restore and build resilience in communities devastated by natural disasters and conflict. 

    Marwa's Story

    “When we came here we had nothing except each other. We left everything we owned back in Syria. Some people who went to the church told us about how their church could help us. We reached out to them and they came and met with us."

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    • 1.7 billion

      Is the number of people who have had their lives disrupted due to disaster or conflict in the past 10 years

    • 1/122

      people are displaced by war, violence and persecution

    • 3,496

      Is the number of natural disasters in the first decade of the 21st century. Nearly five times the number of events in the 1970s

  • Farming and Enterprise

    Empower people to help themselves

    Farming and Enterprise

    We believe people have a right to make a living and provide for their family, so we empower people through farming and enterprise.

    Chadrewati's Story

    “I took a loan from my Self Help Group to start a poppadum business so we could save for our two eldest daughters’ high school fees. I’ll do anything to make sure my children achieve their dreams."

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    • $50 to $200

      The return from every dollar invested into a Self Help Group in Ethiopia based on a cost-benefit analysis

    • 200,000

      The number of women connected to a Self Help Group in Ethiopia, covered by just 200 staff

    • 3x

      Agricultural growth in low-income countries is three times more effective in reducing extreme poverty compared with growth in other sectors