World Of Difference

Your monthly gift can make a world of difference to people living in poverty

Why give monthly? 

One-time donations make a big impact on people affected by poverty, but communities need sustained support to thrive amidst today’s challenging circumstances.  

Monthly donations allow us to work more effectively and flexibly and to invest longer-term in communities, helping them achieve their goals. And when disasters strike, your support enables us to respond quickly to people’s urgent needs.

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Start your journey today

World of Difference is a new way of supporting people out of poverty. It allows you to impact even more lives and journey with us to see that transformation in action in the places where we work.

See where we've been

World of Difference supports all four areas of our work

Modern Slavery

Farming and Enterprise

Disasters and Conflict

Child Development

Experience the impact of your generosity

With World of Difference, you’ll journey to some amazing and diverse places in God’s creation through regular updates directly from the communities we serve. With a new destination each time, you’ll see the impact your donation is making on tens of thousands of people’s lives across the planet.

Working with local churches to transform communities

In your updates, you’ll meet some of the incredible people and church leaders we work with on the ground who will let you in on stories of great faith and hope being brought about by people like you.

Plus, we’ll give you specific ways to pray for the people and places you learn about. Your monthly support will bring relief in a disaster, provide aftercare to survivors of human trafficking, help families develop sustainable livelihoods to lift them out of poverty, and so much more.

'I was thrilled when I heard about World of Difference. In the past, my limited funds have meant that I couldn't help with every disaster response even though I wanted to! World of Difference provided an opportunity for me to give an amount of my choosing every month that ensures I can be a part of all disaster responses going forward! I love that I contribute to a pool of resource that makes a difference around the globe where and when it is most needed.'


Start your journey today and discover a World of Difference

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