71% of the globe live on less than $10 a day.*
They have little to no opportunities to make a living wage. They struggle to put food on their table and send their children to school.

We’re changing that.

Case study: Sri Lanka

After a brutal civil war ending in 2009, people in North Sri Lanka returned home to nothing. The war took their families, livestock and local employment opportunities. Farmers (the majority of the population in the region), were surviving day to day. They had no way to sell their milk.

  • Mongolia

    In Mongolia average monthly incomes have increased by 1.5 times

  • Philippines

    In the Philippines people’s average monthly incomes have increased by over 6 times

  • Sri Lanka

    In Sri Lanka average monthly incomes increased by 4.5 times

Our solution:

Through agriculture and savings groups, we’ve empowered over 35,000 people in seven countries to increase their income and make it regular. In Sri Lanka, we:

1. Mobilise farmers into groups (cooperatives)

so together, they can supply their milk to national dairy companies. We set up a network of cooperatives and helped them supply milk to dairy companies. This has increased farmers’ monthly incomes by FIVE and a half times (from $22 to $121)!

2. Provide dairy training and milk chilling centres

to improve the quantity and quality of their milk so they can earn a fair price. We helped farmers produce FOUR times more milk, from 34L to 162L per month.

3. Empower young people

by providing farmer training and education, allowing them to become future leaders in the dairy industry.

Pew Research Centre, Analysis of World Bank PovcalNet data, 2011.

The Results

Your generous donations have helped create:

Arutsothy outside her farm.

Meet Arutsothy

“In 2009, we had to flee our home because bombs and army tanks were firing here. When we first arrived home from the displacement camp, I thought to myself, “Why did we bother? Why did we come back?” There was nothing. No house. Nothing.
Once we rebuilt, my income was low. I had to do the hard labour on the farm because my husband was sick. Tearfund’s partner gave me a cow and training on how to improve my milk production.

Now with the extra income from the milk, I am able to hire farm hands to do the hard labour. I can also help children in the neighbourhood – some who have lost both parents.

I have been able to buy them bicycles, exercise books and bags so that they can go to school. I want to thank Tearfund’s partners for their support. They helped me increase my income, this has changed our lives.

Now I feel that we are valuable people.”

Where the money goes

Your donations will allow us to bring lasting change to vulnerable communities across SEVEN countries. For example, in Sri Lanka this is what your money can achieve:

  • $36

    $36 a month will help a farmer earn the minimum living wage.

  • $44

    $44 will give two farmers access to a milk collection point, allowing them to get a higher price for their milk.

  • $107

    $107 will train FOUR young people for a future career in the dairy farming industry.

  • Massive Growth

    Help us to reach an additional 7,500 farmers and 10,000 youths, across nine districts. (We started with just eight!)

With every dollar you donate, a farmer in Sri Lanka is able to make $10 to $20.