What is predicted to happen?

A cyclone of this magnitude can swamp entire islands, inundate coastal communities, destroy crops, livelihoods and buildings. It is likely to bring down trees and cause slips and flooding. 

What happened last time?

Last time a cyclone of this magnitude hit the South Pacific, in 2016, it killed 44 people and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.


What is Tearfund doing?

Tearfund will be partnering with Anglican Mission and their network of 23 churches across Fiji to assist the most vulnerable in the immediate aftermath. These churches have been involved in mapping their local communities to find and connect with the most vulnerable people (the elderly, people with disabilities, women and child-headed households). Churches have some pre-positioned stocks to distribute to cyclone-impacted households as needed.  

Please give what you can today.


If we receive excess funds for the response level required, this money will be set aside to go to Pacific disasters in the future.