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Indonesia has one of the highest mother and child mortality rates in Southeast Asia. Extreme poverty puts pregnant mums particularly at risk because often, they can’t access critical medical and social services. Thanks to this first full year of support, 30 mums and 31 babies have a different story, a story of connection, protection and hope.


We’ve heard such amazing things! On top of the care provided by our group specialists around nutrition, breastfeeding, and infant care, we have heard about the safe, emergency birth of twins and life-saving assistance for a baby with Dengue fever. Praise God that these precious lives were saved. 


Our work is just beginning in these communities and our goal is to increase the number of groups we care for each year and continue to support these babies into the future through Child Sponsorship. We have been humbled and honoured that many of the group’s wonderful donors have decided to continue this journey alongside mums and their babies into the future.


Here’s what one of the mothers, Dewilda, has to say:

“I have twin boys named Davin and Ravin. Both boys attend the Mums and Bubs Project in North Maluku, Indonesia.


Dewilda and her twin sons Davin (pictured left) and Ravin (pictured right).


The project has helped me a lot. When my boys were born, the project helped with the cost of my C-section. Ravin’s growth was stunted at birth but the project helped him for the first three months to grow to a healthy weight.


Thankfully, the boys’ weight and height are where they should be now. They can walk well, drink by themselves and play actively. And with balanced nutritious meals for them and a variety of stimulating toys, praise God, both boys are developing well!


I’ve learned how to take good care of my children, cook healthy meals, and how important early childhood education is for their development. My favourite time is when the staff come to visit us at home. They usually bring toys for the twins. In group activities, I get the chance to meet with other mothers and their babies.


I am so thankful for the project and for the staff who have helped my family.”



For just $30 a month, you can help give mums like Dewilda, and their babies, the best start in life.

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