More Than Just Milk 11 March 2020

More Than Just Milk

Meet the Waikato dairy farmer that didn’t always want to be a dairy farmer but ended up helping change thousands of lives in northern Sri Lanka through dairy farming.

Black Friday? Let’s think before we buy-day! 20 November 2022

Black Friday? Let’s think before we buy-day!

With Black Friday around the corner, we’re looking at over-consumption and how to put the break on the take and take.

Looking for a meaningful gift this Christmas? We can help! 20 November 2022

Looking for a meaningful gift this Christmas? We can help!

Tearfund's annual feel-good gift guide, Gift for Life, is chock-full of impactful gift ideas, sure to touch every heart this Christmas. Here's our five most popular gifts under $100!

Gift in Wills Testimonials 27 September 2021

Gift in Wills Testimonials

When you include a gift in your Will to Tearfund, you’re doing something extraordinary – something that will have ripple effects on future generations as you help make the world a better place for those most in need.

Whatever stirs your heart the most – whether that’s lifting families out of poverty, educating vulnerable children, or protecting people from exploitation – we promise your special gift, big or small, will be used to make the maximum possible impact in the lives of vulnerable people around the world.

My Life was Changed 11 May 2022

My Life was Changed

Kelly Burgess

This wonderful event will begin with a mini-documentary followed by speakers who will share about the defining moment somebody changed their life forever. During this intimate and engaging time, you will discover how their futures were shaped by the actions of another and learn how you can be that someone who can transform someone else’s life. This inspiring event will tug on your heartstrings as you are drawn into these fascinating, life-giving stories.