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The first critical year

Help mums and babies, living in extreme poverty, to survive and thrive in their first year of life!

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The most vulnerable people in the world are babies, their first year of life is so fragile.

While many of us in New Zealand are concerned with creating the best environment for our babies to thrive, too many mums around the world are just hoping their babies will survive.

In their earliest years, children born into poverty are especially at risk from disease and malnutrition. Because of this, many mums in the world’s poorest countries watch desperately as their babies die in their arms simply because they don’t have access to the care their babies need. That’s why we’re looking for incredible Kiwis to come alongside groups of vulnerable mamas and their babies in Indonesia to provide crucial intervention and care for their first, precious year of life.

Everyone giving $30 a month or more, receive two reports a year via email! 
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Your support provides more than survival

Through generous supporters, Tearfund's partner, Compassion, works with mums and babies to prevent premature death, secure good health and enable positive development for babies and their caregivers. In partnership with Compassion, local churches run activities and carry out regular home visits. Mums and Bubs aims for an infant and their caregiver to be:

  • Physically healthy
  • Encouraged in self-confidence and able to build healthy relationships
  • Equipped with life skills
  • Given the opportunity to hear the gospel message

Through Mums and Bubs, you can help provide the support needed for the best start to life.

Your $30 monthly gift for Mums and Bubs helps to provide a circle of protection through:

Pre and postnatal care

Including check-ups and advocacy for a skilled birth attendant to be present during the birth.

Postnatal Education and Activities

The importance of breastfeeding, nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention and good mental health.

Monthly home visits

These provide a regular touch point and are a great mental health check-in for mums.

Income generation and future proofing

Skills training and literacy classes so mums can earn an income in the future.

Health and development check-ups

Immunisations, growth checks, supplements and food for malnourished mums and babies.

Social and spiritual guidance

Including the opportunity to hear about Jesus and the chance to network with other mums.

"So much of the burden for our survival was on my husband. Since I joined the programme, that burden is shared with the project and the community. I am so much happier. I never used to go out—I had no relationships. Now I have lots to do and many women to share time with."


"My favourite part of the programme was the lessons I received from the caregivers about breastfeeding. If I hadn't participated in the project, my life would have been much harder. I really feel the benefits of being part of this group. Without them, I would not have enough food to feed my babies or resources to buy clean water."


"Before I joined this Mums and Bubs group, I didn’t know how to care for my baby and didn’t think it mattered. Now I know what is important and how to care for her properly. Most of all, now I know the Lord, which has been a huge change for our whole family."


"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
PSALM 139:13-14