Overall spending

In the financial year to June 2015, we were able to distribute $10m to our partners. This is the first year where over $10m has been distributed in one year. We also spent $363k on funding education and advocacy work in New Zealand. We see this as important work that connects New Zealand into global issues of poverty and justice. We ended the year with an operating surplus of $515k. This is held for designated projects which will be distributed in the future. 

Child Sponsorship

Our work with Compassion child sponsorship continues to be an effective way of connecting supporters to children in 26 countries, where we seek to release children from poverty in Jesus name. A total of $7.9m was raised in the 2015 financial year.

Government Support

We received $1m of government aid. This year, $388k was received to support our work in restoring communities after Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and the Nepal earthquake. Current development projects include farming in Mongolia and Sri Lanka and health and education in India.
For a complete set of financial statements please contact us.

  • 250,000

    people were directly impacted by our work

  • 29 Partners

    in 24 countries around the world

  • 770,000

    were indirectly impacted by our work. These are people connected to ones directly impacted – i.e. family members.