Expenditure breakdown for Tearfund

Overall spending

IIn the financial year to June 2017, we spent close to $11.7m on programmes, with our partners working across five causes around the world. We also spent $362k on Education and Advocacy; this work connects New Zealand into global issues of poverty and justice. In particular this year, we broke new ground and ran the inaugural Justice Conference and launched the Ethical Fashion Guide, Aotearoa. We ended the year with an operating deficit of $621k. This was a planned deficit as we distributed designated reserves..

Child Sponsorship

Over half of our revenue comes from child sponsorship, connecting supporters to children in 25 countries. We do this through our continued partnership with Compassion International, whose mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. A total of $7.8m was raised in this financial year, which is consistent with our level of support from the previous year.

Government Support

We continue to bring private supporter donations and government aid together to have an amazing impact through key projects. This year, our Empower cause received $1.1m of Government funding for our work in Mongolia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The Nourish cause received $344k for work with Asha in India. The Restore cause received $593k for relief projects in East Africa and the Syria Refugee Crisis.

We thank our generous supporters for the significant part they play in this work. 

For a complete set of financial statements please contact us.

  • 250,000

    people were directly impacted by our work

  • 29 Partners

    in 24 countries around the world

  • 770,000

    were indirectly impacted by our work. These are people connected to ones directly impacted – i.e. family members.