Expenditure breakdown as at June 30, 2014

Overall spending

In the current financial year, we have given $9.6m to our partners, who are implementing a variety of projects around the world. We also spent $340k funding education and advocacy work within New Zealand, as it is important that our own communities understand the poverty and oppression of the world in which we live. We ended the year with an operating surplus of $688k, which is designated for projects in the 2014–15 financial year. For a complete set of financial statements please contact us.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship continued to be an effective way for supporters to connect with underprivileged children across the globe. A total of $7.4m was raised to provide for the needs of these children.

Government Support

We received $1.4m of government aid, which continued to support various key projects around the world. These projects included agricultural and livelihood programmes within poor farming communities in Mongolia and Sri Lanka, as well as health and education programmes in the slums of New Delhi, India.