Overall spending

In the financial year to June 2016, we distributed a record $13.1m to our partners. We also spent $370k on funding education and advocacy work in New Zealand. We see this as important work that connects New Zealand into global issues of poverty and justice. We ended the year with an operating deficit of $2.8m. The large operating deficit resulted from the timing of payments to our international partners, as we were able to distribute the accumulated designated funds that had built up over several years from our generous supporters.

Child Sponsorship

Our work with Compassion child sponsorship continues to be an effective way of connecting supporters to children in 26 countries, where we seek to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. A total of $7.8m was raised in the 2016 financial year.

Government Support

We utilised $947k of government aid. This included $109k to support our drought mitigation work in Vanuatu and $418k to assist with the refugee crisis in Syria. Current development projects include farming in Sri Lanka and health and education in India.
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  • 250,000

    people were directly impacted by our work

  • 29 Partners

    in 24 countries around the world

  • 770,000

    were indirectly impacted by our work. These are people connected to ones directly impacted – i.e. family members.