Take Action

Put your faith into action to tackle poverty and injustice – your voice and actions can make a difference. 


Modern Slavery

We believe in a world where everyone can work safely, is treated with dignity and compensated fairly. 


Ethical Consumption

How can we make decisions that contribute to the wellbeing of ourselves, other people and the planet?  


Enviornmental Justice

Global issues like plastic pollution and climate challenges disproportionately impact communities living in poverty. How can we practice being good stewards and good neighbours?

Unwrapping the bitter truth of Chocolate

Find out how you can buy better this Mother's day 


Putting Faith into Action 

Alongside a growing
number of Christians across
New Zealand, we’re working
for a more just and compassionate world.  

For years, we’ve championed the rights of individuals trapped in exploitative situations, men, women and children fleeing conflict zones, and communities facing environmental challenges head on.  

Together with Kiwis, we’ve driven fashion companies to take significant steps to protect their workers. We’ve convinced our government to provide safe passage and visas for people caught up in conflict zones. And we’ve grown important conversations around consumerism, justice and faith.

As Kiwis, our response to big problems is often pulling up our shirt sleeves and getting our hands dirty, mucking in, tackling it head on and getting it done.  

This year, we look forward to sharing many more exciting and meaningful ways you can act towards a more just world – because we know that your voice and actions makes a difference!  

For more ideas about how you or your church community can put your faith into action, please email advocacy@tearfund.org.nz and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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