Modern Slavery

Your actions can make a difference 

Where is Modern Slavery occurring? 


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Footwear: An Industry Laced with Exploitation

The pervasive exploitation and labour abuses in the footwear industry


Fashion: Still Rising from Rana Plaza’s Rubble

The urgent need for ethical fashion and improved working conditions in the garment industry


We’re campaigning for modern slavery legislation!  

For the last few years, Tearfund has been campaigning for legislation that would make a difference in the fight against modern slavery globally. We’ve been advocating for a law that would require large companies in New Zealand to identify and address modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains.  

New Zealand currently imports billions of dollars of products at risk of being made by people forced into slavery – including clothing, shoes, toys and food.  

Latest campaign update

Unwrapping the bitter truth of Chocolate

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