Together, let’s make communities a SAFE place to raise families

Fifty million people are trapped in modern slavery globally; that’s ten times the entire population of New Zealand. More than half are from Southeast Asia or the Pacific.

One of the sustainable ways Kiwis are working to fight this dark trade and support people out of poverty is through the SAFE Programme.


Safe, Aware, Free, Empowered (SAFE) Programme

SAFE is a five-year, multi-million-dollar partnership with MFAT (New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade). Its main aim is to improve rural livelihoods and protect vulnerable communities from human trafficking, abuse and exploitation.  

The SAFE programme operates in four countries, weaving together our expertise in Farming and Enterprise, and Modern Slavery initiatives.  

In Fiji, community leaders are confronting issues of forced sex and exploitation. 

In Vanuatu, growing coffee has directly benefited more than 600 farm-based households. 

In Sri Lanka, training helped 1,500 small-holder dairy farmers increase production, improving the livelihoods for them and their households.

In the Solomon Islands, vulnerable youth are engaging in initiatives to increase their incomes and build a safe and sustainable future.

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Farming and Enterprise     Modern Slavery

Luke Junior took part in Tearfund’s agricultural training programme in the Solomon Islands. 

"I learnt how to plant crops like taro, peanuts, ginger, chilli and spring onion to provide for my family and to sell at the market. My family and I now receive a consistent income. Having the opportunity to access new ideas has gradually raised the standard of living in my community. I am now more prepared to approach my future and can help others to do the same."

Luke Junior, SAFE Programme participant 

Vaseva is a regular participant in Tearfund’s sexual exploitation awareness programme in Fiji. 

"Tearfund’s partner teaches us what to do if someone is sexually exploited in our village, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Now there are safety nets in place. If forced sex happens in our village, we report it immediately to the village policeman. I think awareness is very important."

Vaseva, SAFE Programme participant 

Human trafficking awareness initiatives and community development are having a considerable impact in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.  In the hopes that perpetrators will be brought to justice, it’s shining a light on humanity at its worst. This partnership is equipping people with the tools to build a better, safer future for their children and their communities. 

You can help protect more communities in Southeast Asia and the Pacific from human trafficking, abuse and exploitation by supporting our SAFE Programme. 

For every $1 you give, the government gives $2 in matched funding:

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