We advocate for justice, seeking to change the
systemic and structural causes of poverty
and exploitation.

Alongside our community-led development work and humanitarian relief, we also engage in advocacy. Advocacy isn’t just about raising awareness of problems in our world, but seeks to change the policies, practices and attitudes that are at the root of poverty and injustice.  

We carry out our advocacy through:  

  • Political Influence – We engage with MPs and the New Zealand Government to influence changes to law, policy and practice that will make a long-lasting difference to people’s lives and support them to create just-centered policies at a national and a global level. 

  • Public Campaigning – We work alongside individuals and churches to draw attention to key issues and convince powerful decision makers to act.  

  • Corporate Influence – We work with businesses to encourage them to make important changes to their business policies and practices for the good of people and our planet.  

  • Movement Building – We work alongside others to engage with local Government and international bodies, like the Modern Slavery and Labour Exploitation Advocacy Group, the Human Trafficking Research Coalition and Renew Our World to achieve systemic change that will positively impact the lives of those experiencing poverty and injustice.  

Put your faith into action to tackle poverty and injustice! 

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For more ideas about how you or your church community can put your faith into action, please email advocacy@tearfund.org.nz and a member of our team will be in touch.