East Africa Hunger Crisis

Help families survive and rebuild their lives.

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East Africa’s hunger crisis continues to escalate with the combined impact of a three-year drought, massive livestock loss, conflict, corruption and hyper-inflation. Less international assistance has been offered, with global attention being focused on Ukraine and the Middle East.

Last year, our supporters helped our partner on the ground provide emergency food assistance to 11,000 vulnerable people in southern Ethiopia. However, the situation in the region has continued to deteriorate.

Time is of the essence if we are to save lives. We’re committed to standing with our partner as they scale up their response to provide further emergency assistance.  Lives depend on our compassionate response. 

Could you join us, as we equip our partner to distribute emergency food for Ethiopia’s most vulnerable people and help them rebuild their lives? 

What’s happening in East Africa, and in particular, Ethiopia?

  • 20 million people in Ethiopia alone don’t have enough food yet. 

  • Millions of livestock in Ethiopia have died, eliminating this vital food and income source for families.  

  • While a little rain has arrived, the devastation caused by the worst drought in 40 years remains. Ethiopia is one of the countries at higher risk of severe human impact. 

  • Internal conflict has made it harder for support to reach vulnerable people.  

Your immediate response will:

  • Continue distributing life-saving emergency food.
  • Support farming training and savings groups to increase food access and climate resilience.

Will you join Tearfund’s partner in helping those impacted by drought to feed their families and rebuild their lives?

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+Pray that rich nations would fill the funding gaps to help deliver lifesaving and recovery interventions.

Pray for consistent rains to return and that people can plant crops and feed their livestock. 


+ Pray that our partners can continue supporting the most vulnerable with emergency food.


+ Pray for the safety of those distributing emergency food.


+ Pray that the people of this region will be supported to become more resilient to future droughts.