My Life was Changed 11 May 2022

My Life was Changed

Kelly Burgess

This wonderful event will begin with a mini-documentary followed by speakers who will share about the defining moment somebody changed their life forever. During this intimate and engaging time, you will discover how their futures were shaped by the actions of another and learn how you can be that someone who can transform someone else’s life. This inspiring event will tug on your heartstrings as you are drawn into these fascinating, life-giving stories. 

Tour of New Zealand 2023 9 August 2022

Tour of New Zealand 2023

Cycle for Freedom from Slavery. In April 2023, you can cycle for Tearfund and join a community on the move for freedom! Are you with us as we cycle to raise funds and awareness of the Modern Day Slavery scourge?  

Your sponsored child knows your name 9 February 2021

Your sponsored child knows your name

Compassion International

Are you curious about what it looks like when your child learns your name? Watch this video to get a glimpse into that sweet moment for kids around the world. 

Three ways letter writing benefits you and the child you sponsor 21 April 2021

Three ways letter writing benefits you and the child you sponsor

Kyle Davidson

Writing letters to your sponsored child can be a hard thing to prioritise. But hopefully, you see at least three reasons why it might be something you’d want to do.

Trafficking Unlocked 2022 20 September 2022

Trafficking Unlocked 2022


Tearfund invites you to a charity evening raising funds for our mission to combat human trafficking in South East Asia and the Pacific. This event will take place in November, in both Auckland and Tauranga.