Your sponsored child knows your name

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It's official. The child you sponsor now knows your name! Your child has received the good news that they now have a sponsor who will love, encourage and support them. We cannot wait to see how your relationship grows!

Are you curious about what it looks like when your child learns your name? Watch this video to get a glimpse into that sweet moment for kids around the world.


Now that your child knows your name, you might be wondering about next steps. Here are some great ways to begin to build a relationship with your child:

1. Write a letter.

"I am thankful to my sponsors, because they make my heart really happy. They write me letters and send me gifts to cover my needs. Every time I receive a letter from them, I thank God for their lives." — Maria, 11-year-old from Peru

2. Pray, pray, pray.

"My sponsor has stood by me from the beginning. He has been sending encouraging words about the future and about my dream. He has been sending me greetings in his letters and letting me know that he's praying for me. ... I still need his prayers and support to achieve my dream." — Yona, 18-year-old from Tanzania

3. Give a gift.

"A few months after I gave my child a family gift, I received a photo in the mail of them standing next to a sewing machine, in front of their newly repaired house. I couldn’t have imagined that my gift would provide a mom with a way to earn a living, and a family with a safe, sturdy home. It’s humbling, to see how God magnifies our small, but faithful, gifts." — Brandy, sponsor from Colorado


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