Meet five adorable babies from our Mums and Bubs programme!

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Kelly Burgess
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There are deep psychological reasons we find babies so cute, but for the purposes of this photo essay, we shall call it the ‘smoosh’ factor.

Last year I travelled to visit Tearfund’s Compassion Mums and Bubs programme in Indonesia—it was a trip filled with cuddles, cuteness, love and connection. It was also inspirational. When it comes to their children, a mother's love can defy all odds and overcome impossible hurdles.

The programme serves mums and babies living in extreme poverty by providing them with the critical care they need to survive through pregnancy, birth and the first year of life. After this first year, little one's graduate into our Child Sponsorship programme.

We want to introduce you to some of the smallest and ‘smooshiest’ members of the programme and their incredible mums.


Meet baby Anggi and her mum Yunita


Mother, Yunita with her two children. 


Baby Anggi is just three months in this adorable picture (smoosh factor 1000!)

Yunita was deeply moved that we were there to talk to her about her experiences in the programme. She said, “I received good, nutritious food and prenatal vitamins. The child specialist took good care of me, physically and emotionally—I have a real connection with her. I also gained a community of pregnant mums to connect with and have a feeling of togetherness. Before joining the group, I had no friends—it’s been a real joy just to have peers.”

Anggi’s birth was difficult, but with help and advocacy from the child specialists, Yunita was able to have a C-section in the hospital nearby, and she had her husband by her side.

“I felt much better equipped this time to care for a newborn—for my other pregnancies I felt alone and unsupported.” Yunita is still loving being part of the Mums and Bubs programme, and is looking forward to her baby’s first birthday in a few months!

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Meet baby Christa and her mum Marlin


Baby Christa sleeping on her mother, Marlin. 


You can just sense this loving mum’s gaze as she holds sleeping Christa (9 months) close in her arms. Despite living under difficult circumstances of extreme poverty, this mother and her precious baby daughter are healthy and thriving.

“Before I joined this Mums and Bubs group, I didn’t know how to care for my baby and didn’t think it mattered, says Marlin. “Now I know what is important and how to care for her properly. Things like preparing food that is healthy and safe, so she doesn’t get sick, and how to stay healthy myself. Most of all, now I know the Lord, and this has been a huge change for our whole family. Thank you so much for your support back in New Zealand.”

Christa has now celebrated her first birthday and graduated into the Child Sponsorship programme where she and her family will continue to receive age-appropriate care and support.

Sponsor Christa


Meet Ida and Divan (7 months)


Ida reassuring baby Divan. 


It’s a look that hits you right in the feels! Sweet baby Divan is reassured by his doting mum as he peeks out for a photo. Mum Ida told us she gets so much from being part of the Mums and Bubs group. “I have learned how to breastfeed, and how to take care of my baby’s hygiene. The project has provided healthy food, not just for my baby but for my whole family. I have been able to grow spiritually too.”

Divan’s smoosh factor is out of control. He’s grown up a little now and celebrated his first birthday which means he has graduated into the Child Sponsorship programme.

Sponsor Divan


Meet baby Gian and his mumma Ana!


Mother Ana beaming at son Gian.


Smooshiest smile ever—right? Baby Gian has turned one and graduated from Mums and Bubs into the Child Sponsorship programme. His mum, Ana told us that she was pregnant and gave birth during a really difficult time with Covid and lockdowns. Her husband was unable to work, and she credits the Mums and Bubs programme with helping their family survive.

“Without support from the programme, I would not have had any food to feed my family, and we would have been evicted from our home, praise God that with their help, we were able to survive and make it through – I am so grateful.” 

Sponsor Gian

Baby Gio and his mum Wayan


Baby Gio snuggling into mum. 


That face! Gio snuggles deep into his wonderful mum’s shoulder. Wayan has a history of tragic loss, her hurdles have been cruel, but the birth of her son Gio and her involvement in the Mums and Bubs programme has been healing.

“From the moment I registered in the programme, I have felt blessed. The first day I went along, I did not know what I would feed my family the next day, and they said, “tomorrow we will have a full food hamper for you. I couldn’t believe that someone knew exactly what I needed”.

Gio was born prematurely and has a disability, but with wrap-around support from the child specialists, he is thriving! Gio just had his first birthday, and Tearfund will continue his journey of holistic care through child sponsorship. 

Sponsor Gio


From just $30 a month or a one-off donation, you can help create a circle of protection around mums like these and their little ones from their first breath to their first birthday.

After the first critical year, babies continue to be cared for, one-to-one through Child Sponsorship

We think that’s all pretty smooshy!



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