More Than Just Milk 11 March 2020

More Than Just Milk

Meet the Waikato dairy farmer that didn’t always want to be a dairy farmer but ended up helping change thousands of lives in northern Sri Lanka through dairy farming.

A journey through war-torn Ukraine 25 October 2022

A journey through war-torn Ukraine

Auckland doctor Himali McInnes shares her experience accompanying her aid worker husband on a recent trip to Western Ukraine, where money donated by Kiwis is helping house people whose homes have been destroyed. 

A hope that can reach the skies 25 September 2022

A hope that can reach the skies

Tearfund New Zealand

Just last week, we had the opportunity to visit our partner Compassion's projects in Indonesia. Chica is a sponsored child that really left an imprint on our hearts. The hope she carried was powerful and contagious. Sponsorship lifted Chica and her family out of poverty, and we can't wait to tell you her story.