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Victoria Hanna

North Island Church Relationship Manager

Victoria never settles for surface answers, she loves to question and wrestle with scripture then look for ways to apply it in her life. She is constantly pursuing authenticity in her faith, life and work. When Victoria speaks, her messages are full of real life application which encourages you to examine your own faith and the way it is expressed to the world around you.

Victoria has a great sense of humour and informal style that immediately puts people at ease. This enables her to connect with the audience and draw them into the message. She longs to see the transformative impact of a relationship with Jesus bring hope to the worlds’ most vulnerable.

"Victoria is clearly passionate in her work to bring justice for the poor. She is able to articulate clearly and confidently the gospel challenge for us to take responsibility for those who are caught up in slavery and poverty. She is engaging and thought-provoking without being confrontational".

Tim Handley – All Saints Church, Hataitai

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Dale Campbell

Education Specialist, Education & Advocacy

Originally from the United States, Dale brings his mixture of pastoral experience and theological passion to the the Education & Advocacy team at Tearfund.   His Master’s Thesis in Applied Theology from Carey Baptist College explored Baptist Worship.  He is passionate about integrating personal faith with deeds of service to the worlds’ most vulnerable.

He applies his artistic interests in music, woodworking and photography to communicate the message of Scripture in a creative, compelling and clear manner. Experience on trips to Brazil and India have shaped his desire to inspire followers of Jesus to love as they have been loved. 

"I would highly recommend Dale Campbell as a speaker for any event. Dale is passionate about the craft and works diligently to hone whatever he speaks on so it enriches the environment he is in. You can be sure he will do his utmost to serve your context well, and offer an engaging presentation.".

Reverend Francis (Frank) Ritchie

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Is there a minimum number of people required to request a speaker?

For every request we have to weigh-up several factors – audience size is one of them. However, we don’t have a size limit as such. If you have flexibility with your date, we may be able to accommodate your request when travelling on regional visits.

What is required of me if I book a speaker?

This depends on the type of event taking place. If it is a regular church service, we simply require you to meet with us 30 minutes before the service to pray and run through any technical requirements (a data projector is appreciated). We will provide a PowerPoint slide for you to advertise in your church notices a week or two before the date – your endorsement and encouragement are appreciated.

If it is a community event, we can provide flyers for advertising and Eventbrite registration. We are happy to support you any way we can to make the event a success.

Can I specify the theme or topic of the talk?

Yes – we are happy to tailor a message to fit with a series or theme. We also have prepared some excellent messages that we can adapt to your specific context.

Will it cost anything to have a speaker travel to my church, organisation or group?

The short answer is no – however, Tearfund is a charity and if you would like to cover any accommodation or travel costs this will keep our costs to a minimum. This would be a donation to Tearfund not the speaker.

I am supportive of child sponsorship but do not want my church service to be a 30 min infomercial. What is your format?

We are deeply respectful of the sacredness of this space and our messages for a church service are aimed at ultimately inspiring and challenging people to put their faith in action. Sponsoring a child is one way they could do this. Our messages are generally a combination of a selected scripture, personal stories and examples that weave through the message.

Can I request a speaker to speak on a topic that does not involve child sponsorship?

Yes – Tearfund has amazing partners around the world undertaking a variety of international aid and development. If there is a particular issue you are passionate about, we are happy to work with you on that.

Our church sponsors children from a certain country can we ask that children available to be sponsored also come from this country?

Yes, you can, all you need to do is let us know the country you would like us to focus on and we can make sure the children available for sponsorship come from that location.

Can I request a speaker that is not in my region?

We always like to accommodate people’s requests if it is at all possible. If you are able to assist with the costs involved to bring the speaker to you, that would help. If not, it would have to depend on the size of and type of event and our speaker’s availability.

Are your speakers theologically trained?

At Tearfund, we are blessed to have an in-house theologian to assist us in the development of our messages. One of our team members (Dale Campbell) also has a master’s degree from Carey Baptist College in Auckland. As a team, we work collaboratively sharing our messages and receive regular training.

Do we need to provide an honorarium to the speaker?

No, however, you can make a donation to Tearfund to minimise our costs.

Are your speakers Christians?

Yes – everyone in the church team has a deep faith and love of Jesus. We see our work for Tearfund as an expression of our faith and love to encourage others. All our church team are also members of a local church and attend regularly.

My Selected Speaker


Victoria Hanna

North Island Relationship Manager

Tearfund partners with Compassion and we are passionate about releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. While our messages focus on a variety of themes, we hope you will support our efforts to see children sponsored, providing a hope more powerful than poverty.