What is Lent?

Celebrated by Christians across the world, Lent is a traditional time of fasting and sacrifice leading up six weeks prior to Easter. Beginning on the 26th of February this year, Lent gives us the opportunity to reflect and prepare for Christ's life, death and resurrection. 

In the background of the journey of Lent is the story of God entering the world in the person of Jesus, living as one of us, suffering, going to the cross, embracing death. Through his sacrifice and resurrection, he enabled new life to burst into our world. 

Lent comes most alive when we choose a practice to engage in. Traditionally, it has been a practice of self-denial—choosing to give something up. But, maybe for you, it’s embracing a new life-giving practice or learning more deeply about the life of devotion that you’re already participating in. We would also encourage you to engage in a regular practice of prayer and charity. 

What to expect

In each devotion we’ll explore:

  • A passage of Scripture 
  • A reflection on consumption from the passage  
  • A prayer that brings us into the story 
  • A couple of questions to help you engage 

On Ash Wednesday and each Monday of Lent, you will receive an email containing one of these. It would be worthwhile to read and discuss these in a group.

Each week, you will receive emails that contain either a thought, question, quote, or bible verse to contemplate, or an action point to consider. If you follow Tearfund’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can follow a prompt each week. 


Reflecting Christ in our Consumption  

Thank you for joining us again for Living Lent. In this series of reflections for Lent, we want to continue our conversations around consumption and what it means to be a responsible consumer. Because our devotion to God influences every aspect of our lives, we must consider the effects of our convictions about who God is and what God is doing to shape us as consumers. We are created in the image of God, which means we are to reflect God to the rest of creation. This speaks to our character; what type of people we are.

So, in this series, let’s focus on various virtues and vices and how they shape us as people and who we are becoming. This will then be tied to the issue of consumption so that we can begin to practice reflecting Christ and avoid the vices that so easily entangle and prevent us from flourishing.  

The overarching story of the Bible is one where God seeks to rectify and restore creation so that we may all flourish. It is as followers of Jesus that we join in this mission of rectifying and restoring things so that they are as God intends them to be. 

 As you reflect on God’s image to the rest of creation, ask yourself what kind of consumer you are. Are you a consumer that reflects the character of God? Are you a consumer that creates and sustains our good world? How does this not descend into a legalistic framework of rules and regulations that ignore the nuances of life? Therefore, in the following reflections, we will explore various virtues and vices and how they shape us as consumers. By being aware of them, we can be responsible people who consume in a way that leads to the flourishing of all creation.  

We look forward to going on this journey with you, 

Sean du Toit, Social Justice Specialist for Tearfund 

Lent Series

#1 Creation and Consumption

#2 An Attitude of Gratitude

#3 Take Care!

#4 Do you consent to be content?

#5 Rich in Good Deeds

#6 Digital Consumption

#7 Self Control

#8 Generosity in Truth and Action

#9 Resurrection