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We love to inspire people and share about the work of our partners.

Tearfund partners with Compassion and we are passionate about releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

While our messages focus on a variety of themes, we hope you will support our efforts to see children sponsored, providing a hope more powerful than poverty.



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Our Speakers


Ian McInnes, CEO

As CEO of Tearfund, Ian believes it is an immense privilege to connect people to the issues of global poverty and its solutions. Ian has 16 years of experience in international aid and development, and prior to his present role, ran the operations of aid agencies in disaster relief around the world.

Ian is now a go-to commentator on aid and development for New Zealand’s media and will bring this life experience to the fore, sharing personal stories from the front lines of humanitarian responses, in an authentic way.

“The challenge of speaking to us from Auckland via zoom was one that Ian was up for! He excelled in incorporating engaging and relevant stories from his extensive overseas experience. His talk was supported by excellent visuals, and he would be a great person to speak to your group.”

John Hornblow – All Saints Palmerston North

Events Manager

Victoria Hanna

Victoria never settles for surface answers, she loves to question and wrestle with scripture then look for ways to apply it in her life. When Victoria speaks, her messages are full of real-life application which encourages you to examine your own faith and the way it is expressed to the world. 

Victoria has a great sense of humour and informal style that immediately puts people at ease and draws them into the message. She longs to see the transformative impact of a relationship with Jesus bring hope to the worlds’ most vulnerable.

"Victoria is passionate in her work to bring justice for the poor. She can articulate clearly and confidently the gospel challenge for us to take responsibility for those who are caught trapped in slavery and poverty. She is engaging and thought-provoking without being confrontational."

Tim Handley – All Saints Church, Hataitai

Head of Advocacy & Church Engagement

Claire Gray

Claire is a mum to four-year-old Adeline and is deeply passionate about seeing the world become a more just place.  Claire has been with Tearfund for nearly a decade and is Head of Advocacy and Church Engagement.  With a Masters in International Development, experience leading NGOs and governance roles, Claire's work covers issues of biblical justice, advocacy, poverty, modern slavery, worker exploitation, ethical fashion, sustainable consumption and climate justice. 

Over her time at Tearfund, Claire has led work to create systemic change in the way the fashion industry approaches human rights and environmental management in supply chains.  Claire’s motivation for the work she does comes from her Christian faith and from the stories of real people facing situations of exploitation, poverty and injustice that she comes across in her work.



Gertjan Kadol

Gertjan is a dedicated humanitarian with over 15 years of experience in the aid and development sector. Originally from the Netherlands, Gertjan's work has taken him to challenging places like South Sudan, Somaliland, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and DR Congo. His experiences have given him a profound understanding of the realities faced by the most vulnerable on earth.   

His commitment to making a positive impact is deeply personal and a response to Jesus' call to serve and uplift those in need. Gertjan is a storyteller with a powerful testimony.  Whether in churches, at events or in smaller group settings, he shares his heart for those challenged by poverty and conflict  in a humble and relatable manner, offering a genuine glimpse into the transformative potential of compassionate action. 

System Administrator

Wayne Mortensen

Wayne has been with Tearfund since early 2022 having come from many years working in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Events within the Baptist Churches. A passionate speaker, popular wedding celebrant and with a heart to reach the poor, Wayne has developed personal networks in South East Asia and has travelled up there many times to offer support to the people on the ground helping underprivileged children, mainly in Vietnam.

Wayne loves bringing the reality of how each one of us can make a small difference to a child’s life and in return know God’s blessing on us as we follow Jesus’ directive to reach out to the poor.

“We are all just small drops contributing to a large bucket of need, but small drops is what it takes to fill that bucket”

International Programmes Director

Tim Manson

Tim Manson is the International Programmes Director at Tearfund New Zealand. His team is responsible for delivering NZ$18 million in aid through innovative programs all over the world.  Originally from New Zealand, he grew up in Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa until the age of 14. Tim has a Masters in International Development with First Class Honours that has seen him lead a large team in Uganda providing trauma rehabilitation services for refugees and survivors of war.

Before moving into the development field, he worked as a secondary school teacher, specializing in History and Classical Studies. He’s lived in both the United Arab Emirates and Uganda for a total of 8 years and has visited over 35 countries including Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and Ethiopia as an aid worker. Tim is married to Helen, a humanitarian photojournalist, and together with their three young kids they hail from Pakuranga, Auckland. 


Helen Manson

Helen Manson is a multi-award-winning Kiwi humanitarian photographer and storyteller. Helen’s work has taken her around the world to some of the most challenging environments documenting famine, refugee settlements, post war environments, child sponsorship, micro-enterprise, trauma counselling and disaster zones. She’s travelled to more than 50 countries including places like Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and India, documenting global humanitarian issues for charities and not for profit organisations all over the world.  When she’s not ‘shooting in the field’ you’ll find her jumping on the trampoline in her backyard with her husband and kids in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Engagement Manager - General Churches

Aliesha Whitehead

Aliesha is passionate about living out her faith in a practical and tangible way that sees God's kingdom and kingdom values advance and grow on this earth. She believes that we are all called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to address the brokenness that exists in the world today. 

Her love for people is forefront in how she lives, motivating her desire to see justice and hope brought to the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed. 


Advocacy Campaigns and Communications Co-ordinator

Maya Duckworth

Maya is a member Tearfund's advocacy team. She's passionate about driving transformational change for people and planet, particularly in the fashion industry. It was this passion that led her to first knock on Tearfund's door. Maya now coordinates Tearfund's advocacy campaigns and empowers our supporters, churches, and everyday Kiwis to join us in making lasting, systemic change. With a Masters degree in Geography focusing on sustainability and clothing, and experience in local community development and youthwork, she's a passionate and knowledgeable speaker on much of Tearfund's advocacy work. This includes addressing modern slavery, working for climate justice, and promoting sustainable consumption. 

Church Engagement Manager - Major Partnerships

Kevin McFetridge

Kevin is a farmer turned pastor with a passionate yet down-to-earth life message. “I have had the privilege of visiting some of the world’s poorest nations, inspiring me to alleviate hardship where I can, and share my experiences to motivate others to do the same,” he explains. 

His captivating communication style reflects Kevin’s 15 years’ experience as a senior pastor. His heartbeat is to see Christ’s mission outworked through his people, and to inspire them to reflect God’s love reaching into the most vulnerable communities.  Kevin is completing a Bachelor’s in Theology majoring in missions and brings this thoughtful lens to his sermons and talks.

"When Kevin tells a story, you will feel like you were right there with him.  He can vividly bring to life a memory or experience for his audience. Kevin will have you on the edge of you seat and with tears in your eyes!"  

So Engaging!

"Victoria is passionate in her work to bring justice for the poor... engaging andthought-provoking without being confrontational."

Natural storyteller

“Aliesha is a passionate speaker, whose faith in God and heart for humanity is clearly evident when she speaks."

Extensive experience

“Ian excelled in incorporating engaging and relevant stories from his extensive overseas experience.”


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