Maya, a former trafficking victim, was rescued from a brothel and is now free.

What we’re doing

We take a comprehensive approach in dealing with modern slavery by using the '5 P's' approach: prevention, prosecution, protection, policy, and partnership. 

Through our partners on the ground, we:

  • Help to protect people vulnerable from trafficking and worker exploitation by running empowerment and education programmes.
  • Assist authorities to investigate criminal networks behind trafficking and slavery.
  • Work with local law enforcement to prosecute traffickers, preventing more people from becoming enslaved.
  • Give survivors a safe place to heal, recover and restore their dignity through rehabilitation and supported reintegration.
We also produce an annual Ethical Fashion Guide Aotearoa New Zealand to help you make informed choices when purchasing clothing. When you support brands with a high ethical rating you are voting against labour exploitation  and for safe, fair working conditions.
  • $230 billion (NZD)

    Is the annual profit generated through human trafficking and slavery. Of that, sexual exploitation generates $150 billion

  • 25 million

    The number of people enslaved in forced labour exploitation.

  • 4.8 million

    The number of people enslaved in forced commercial sexual exploitation. The vast majority are women and children.

  • 99%

    of victims of forced commercial sexual exploitation are women and girls

  • More slaves

    There are more slaves today than during the transatlantic slave trade

  • 5 in 5

    Tearfund works through five partners in five countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Fiji

  • Without demand

    for pornography or prostitution there would be no sex trafficking

Chanthavy's story

Chanthavy's story

“When Chanthavy was seven days old, her mother took her across the border to Cambodia and left her with her grandmother. Her mother returned three years later only to try and ‘sell’ her daughter to a strange man. After three days, her grandmother found her and had her mother arrested. The bond Chanthavy and her grandmother have is powerfully strong and achingly beautiful.When Chanthavy was 15, one of her cousins told her about a job outside the city where she’d be paid a good salary and given annual leave to see her grandmother. As soon as she arrived at the new job her cousin left. She was forced to work in this new family’s house and at their market stall. She was never paid for her work.

One day her boss raped her. This happened many times. He did this to other girls and was an evil man. When she got pregnant with his child he accused her of thievery and gossiping and then beat her horribly. When the boss’ wife found out about the pregnancy, she sedated Chanthavy and had her raped by three men, to hide the father’s identity.

By the time Chanthavy arrived to us she’d tried to escape many times and survived a murder attempt on both her and her son. She’d given up all hope of a life worth living, found a phone and rang our hotline.

"Our team rushed to her side and brought her to a safe house. We've supported Chanthavy with a place to stay, education, counselling and care for her wellbeing and future. She loves her son and wants to give him all the chances she never had. We are actively pursuing the prosecution of her former boss."

Our hope and Chanthavy’s hope is for her to one day return to live with her precious grandmother. But for now she is safe, and we will be standing here for as long as it takes.”

Story told by her social worker, from our local partner.


How you can help

Make a monthly donation of $30 or more to combat modern slavery.

Your donation will:

  • Prevent vulnerable people from being trafficked and exploited
  • Remove people from exploitative situations
  • Prosecute traffickers
  • Provide legal support and aftercare for trafficked people and exploited workers
  • Rehabilitate survivors and reintegrate them back into their chosen communities

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