Maya, a former trafficking victim, was rescued from a brothel and is now free.

What we’re doing

We take a comprehensive approach in dealing with human trafficking and exploitation by using the '5 P's' approach: prevention, prosecution, protection, policy, and partnership. 

Through our partners on the ground, we:

  • Help to protect people vulnerable from trafficking and worker exploitation by running empowerment and education programmes.
  • Assist authorities to investigate criminal networks behind trafficking and slavery.
  • Work with local law enforcement to prosecute traffickers, preventing more people from becoming enslaved.
  • Give survivors a safe place to heal and recover and restore their dignity through rehabilitation and supported reintegration.
We also produce an annual Ethical Fashion Guide Aotearoa New Zealand to help you make informed choices when purchasing clothing. When you support brands with a high ethical rating you are voting for against labour exploitation  and for safe, fair working conditions.
  • $230 billion (NZD)

    Is the annual profit generated through human trafficking and slavery. Of that, sexual exploitation generates $150 billion

  • 24.9 Million

    The number of people enslaved in forced labour exploitation.

  • 4.8 Million

    The number of people enslaved in forced commercial sexual exploitation. The vast majority are women and children.

  • 99%

    of victims of forced commercial sexual exploitation are women and girls

  • More slaves

    There are more slaves today than during the transatlantic slave trade

  • 5 in 5

    Tearfund works through five partners in five countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Fiji

  • Without demand

    for pornography or prostitution there would be no sex trafficking

Tuan and Ny's story

Tuan and Ny's story

“I don’t know how old I was when I was sold. I just remember that I was small and that it happened many times. I want to blame my mother for what she did to me, but I don’t because she is my mother and we were too poor.” 

Tuan, 13, and her younger sister, Ny, 9, are two of eight children who were born in Thailand but immigrated to Cambodia at a very young age. They never really knew their parents or their siblings as all were forced to work in different areas to help support their family. Tuan and Ny were sold—across borders back to Thailand— to a family who forced them to sell bracelets in front of nightclubs. The girls started work around 6 or 7 p.m. and stayed out alone all night.

They didn't come home again until around 5 a.m., nearly 12 hours later, and only if they had earned enough money. If not, they were beaten, their hair pulled, their heads bashed, and they were held submerged under water.

The Thai police eventually rescued Tuan and Ny and arrested their bosses. Shortly after their rescue they were taken to Tearfund’s partner, Hagar, and given clothes, shelter and an education. Today they are excelling in school and among the top five in their classes. In the future, Tuan wants to be a flight attendant, and Ny, a teacher. They want to have children who will be raised with an education, so that they will never fall into a trap like they experienced. 

How you can help

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Your donation will:

  • Prevent vulnerable people from being trafficked and exploited
  • Remove people from exploitative situations
  • Prosecute traffickers
  • Provide legal support and aftercare for trafficked people and exploited workers
  • Rehabilitate survivors and reintegrate them back into their chosen communities

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