Here's 10 of our favourite photos from 2017

It's been hard to choose just 10 photos, but here's a quick snapshot of the year that was.


We love the joy captured in this image from Uganda. These two boys are a part of Mwangaza children's choir, and we can't wait to start their tour of New Zealand next year! Stay tuned. 
Picture: Helen Manson, Uganda, July 2017


Isn't generational change beautiful? This grandma holds her grand-daughter, who holds paper plates that their self-help-group is making to sell. Our partner in India says it best, "You see the benefits of empowerment moving into the families. Once that continues to happen, the next generation looks up, and begins to do well."  
Picture: Sophie Rice, India, Sept 2017


The Rohingya crisis continues to rage. Arguably the most persecuted people group on earth, the vulnerable are always caught in the middle. This child is one of the lucky ones who has actually made it across the border into Bangladesh. 
Picture: Medair Nath Fauveau, Bangladesh, Sept 2017


"I miss Syria like I miss a family member. Like I miss my Mother. Everything is beautiful in Syria. Although we live here safely and no one is saying anything against us, Syria is still our country and my family is there. I wish there was peace everywhere, not just peace for me and my children. I wish that no one would have to live through what we’ve been through."
Picture: Helen Manson, Lebanon, Sept 2017


Hannah Chapman at the 'Love thy Neighbour' Justice Conference event this year, discussing the importance of loving your neighbour and knowing their story. The audience was rapt! Keep an eye out for the Justice Conference 2018!
Picture: Phil Botha, Auckland, Nov 2017


Mama Mary and her baby, Sunday, gather water from one of the few sources at their refugee camp. "We use the water tank to drink water, wash our clothes, cook food, bathe, clean our dishes, water the crops and brush our teeth. But we never have enough. Lately each person has been given only 1.2 litres of water per day to do all those things. Water is our life." Picture: Helen Manson, Lebanon, Sept 2017


The Tearfund Poverty Cycle was another success this year. We had so many wonderful participants, including some our own Team NZ America's cup crew! Andrew Maloney, Mikey Brenndorfer, and Simon van Velthooven celebrate after finishing their final lap. 
Picture: Alex Carter, Auckland, Aug 2017


Vijanti and Menagl are always laughing. They started up a sari business together and are now so confident selling them they say, "we could even sell a sari to a man! It's the self-help groups that have made us this joyful." 
Picture: John Watson, India, Sept 2017


Sayra Sheik was once shy and fearful. Now beams with confidence as a result of the empowering community she is a part of through a self-help group in India. This transformation is happening over and over, and we're so excited to be a part of it. 
Picture: John Watson, India, Sept 2017


There's always time for smiles. This gorgeous South Sudanese baby gets a bath thanks to the water trucks that Tearfund sponsors helped provide. 
Picture: Helen Manson, Uganda, Sept 2017