Our Work

We believe communities have the best solutions to their problems, so we identify local organisations around the world to partner with and empower, to help create positive change.


Tearfund works in four key areas:

Anti-Trafficking & Exploitation

Modern Slavery

We believe people are not commodities so we combat human trafficking to protect people from modern slavery and exploitation.

Child Sponsorship

Child Development

We believe childhood is a basic human right and every child deserves to be loved, protected and released from poverty in Jesus' name. We sponsor children through our partner, Compassion International.

Disaster Recovery and Peace Building

Disasters and Conflict

We believe we're to respond to those in need, so we help restore and build resilience in communities devastated by natural disasters and conflict.

Empower people to help themselves

Farming and Enterprise

We believe people have a right to make a living and provide for their family, so we empower people through farming and enterprise.