Together we rise


Dhana’s story 

Dhana was only 14 when she was trafficked from Nepal to India, where she was forced to work in a brothel for almost six years.  Eventually, Dhana made it back to her hometown but found herself isolated from her community. After her father died she didn’t know how she would support herself.  Tearfund’s partner was able to come alongside Dhana with counselling and support services through a Self Help Group, and she was gifted a male goat. 

Learning and applying animal care from our partner’s Self Help Group, Dhana now has seven goats. Her growing herd generates an independent livelihood, and she no longer feels vulnerable. Dhana has learned how to hope again. 






"I received training and financial support to start a goat rearing
business. Now, I have seven goats in my goat sheds that are
growing day by day! I'm now filled with hopethat I'll be able
to make a good income from my goat-rearing business.”

Dhana, Nepal

Empower a woman today

 Your gift of $55 could provide another woman like Dhana in Nepal with a goat and training in animal management, giving her the best chance of long-term success. We know that when women are supported, families and communities are transformed. And it can all start with a goat!

How you can help

could empower a woman with a goat and training in how to make aliving from it.  



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