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Asmita's Story


Asmita says she never knew stability or safety growing up in a poor family in Nepal with an alcoholic father. When their dire circumstances came to a crisis point, Asmita considered quitting school. She felt her only choice was to find a job to help support her family.    

That’s when Tearfund’s partner heard about Asmita’s situation  through a local women’s group. Our partner on the ground offered to pay for Asmita’s school fees, stationery and uniforms. It meant she could continue attending classes for two more years.  



“Tearfund’s partner has supported me and other poor or vulnerable students of my community to continue their formal education,” explains Asmita. She hopes to, “serve and teach the poor, the vulnerable, and needy students and children; to be a good teacher and mentor in my community.”
Asmita, Nepal




Empower a woman today

 A gift of $125 could provide another girl like Asmita in Nepal with the support needed to continue her education.

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could empower a girl by supporting her education expenses



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