Together we rise


When a woman is given the chance to rise, she brings her community with her.

After working in development for decades, there’s one thing we see time and again: 

When women have the chance to rise out of poverty, they bring entire communities with them.  

We’ve seen how women are highly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation when they are trapped in poverty. Too often, a lack of education combined with few employment opportunities mean it’s a daily struggle to provide enough food for their families. The financial offers and cruel deception of human traffickers drive women and girls into forced labour. 

Today, you can join our partners in seeing this changed. Together we can help more women rise out of poverty by providing them with opportunities to strengthen their resilience, knowledge and quality of life and become leaders in their community.  

Three women's empowerment stories

Goats and training in animal management in Nepal 

For women like Dhana in poor rural communities, owning goats is a simple way to increase their household income to meet their basic needs. A donation today could provide a goat, training in animal management and support from community savings groups to give women the best chance of success. We know that when women are supported, families and communities are transformed. And it can all start with a goat! 

In Nepal, Dhana was empowered to build a new beginning with the gift of a goat and some training. Now Dhana has seven goats, and her growing herd generates an independent livelihood.    

Read Dhana's story here

Self Help Groups in Sri Lanka

Self Help Groups are a proven way for women and families to rise out of poverty, gaining emotional support through encouraging community, and learning valuable life skills. Through the group, women gain the confidence and skills to build a better future and have a positive impact on generations to come. 

In Sri Lanka, Selina has a dream to empower women, and see entire communities restored and flourishing after the devastating impact of a brutal civil war and the 2004 tsunami. Self Help Groups are one way she is doing this! 

Read Selina's story here

Education for girls in Nepal

Our partner identifies young people like Asmita who are at risk of being trafficked, and provides scholarships so they can stay at school instead of working from an early age. Education empowers individuals to step out of poverty and reduces their vulnerability. 
In Nepal, Asmita was empowered with a scholarship. Due to the family’s dire circumstances, Asmita was considering quitting school so she could look for a job to support her family.    

Read Asmita's story here

Empower a woman today

Please help us continue to empower women through these programmes this year.

How you can help

could empower a woman with a goat and training in how to make aliving from it.  

could empower a girl by supporting her education expenses 

could empower 20 women to attend a Self Help Group in Sri Lanka 


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“Give her the fruits of her hand, and let her
works praise her in the gates.”

Proverbs 31:31