Not Forgotten: Hope for displaced people

Help provide hope and vital support to displaced people.

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There are three forgotten crises that no-one is talking about.

From Bangladesh, to Syria to Iraq, millions of displaced people need help to meet their most basic needs.

The largest refugee camp in the world, in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is home to approximately 860,000 Rohingya people who have fled persecution and extreme violence. Living on a piece of land about twice the size of Auckland airport, this overcrowded community struggles to access adequate shelter, food, clean water and healthcare.  

With fewer humanitarian agencies now being able to respond to the needs in this camp due to licensing and funding, our partner's work with Rohingya refugees is more vital than ever. 

The suffering of these displaced communities is often forgotten in our media headlines. But as these people continue to face uncertain futures, they’re not forgotten by us. 

Your donation today will enable Tearfund’s partners working in Cox’s Bazar and other displaced communities to continue providing vital supplies and support to help them build a brighter future.  


Tearfund's partners are providing hope and vital
support in three displaced communities:

Tearfund’s partner is providing crucial healthcare support, including antenatal and postnatal care, family planning, and community health education. With fewer organisations now able to work in this vulnerable community, our partner's work is essential in meeting basic health needs. Ayesha’s life has dramatically improved through strategic assistance from our partner in the camp.

In one of the most complex humanitarian emergencies, Syria has the highest number of displaced people in the world. Now, almost 13 years after the onset of the civil war, children continue to be the most impacted by this crisis. Our partner is providing safe spaces for vulnerable children in their communities to socialise, and offering counselling to help children process the trauma they’ve experienced. 

In conflict zones such as Iraq, trauma from violence affects many. Our partner, based in a displaced persons camp in Iraq, provides mental health support for children and adults who have fled their homes due to the conflict with ISIS forces. People who have experienced extreme levels of trauma attend our partner’s programmes, beginning their journey toward emotional healing. 

Will you please join us in providing hope and vital support to these displaced communities?

How you can help

can provide materials for a child-friendly space in Syria for a week.  

can enable a medical professional to give vaccinations in Cox’s Bazar for one week. 

can provide five counselling sessions for a child in Iraq. 


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What the bible says about refugees, sojourners and strangers

The Bible has a very consistent and strong message concerning displaced persons.


The complex situations leading to people fleeing their homes, would be resolved soon.

Tearfund’s partners working with the displaced would be Jesus' hands and feet in these communities and shine His light.

Through Tearfund’s partners, displaced people will know they are loved by God and they’re not forgotten.

Jesus would bring hope for the future and be recognised in our service.