The Ethical Fashion Report 2020:
COVID Fashion Commitments

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic across the globe is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. The true scale of its devastation remains to be seen. For people who are already poor and marginalised, this crisis will only exacerbate vulnerabilities.

In the global fashion supply chain, Covid-19 has significantly magnified longstanding concerns around wages, worker health and safety, and labour rights. While the issues are not new, this global pandemic generates risk on an entirely different scale.

This is why we have developed the COVID Fashion Commitments – six straightforward commitments for fashion brands to make to the workers in their supply chains, and for us as consumers to stand with them and call them to deliver.



  • Garment workers are losing their jobs and often not being paid for work they have already completed.
  • Whole families who have depended on these incomes are facing poverty and vulnerability at a greater scale than ever.
  • Workers who have managed to keep their jobs are often working in factories and staying in on-site dormitories where they can’t practice safe social distancing.
  • Working conditions may place them at risk – pregnant and elderly workers are most vulnerable.

​We are committed to standing together with garment workers during this crisis.

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What can we do about it?

We all have a part to play in this. As consumers, fashion companies and organisations (like Tearfund and Baptist World Aid Australia), we need to stand together with the workers who are most likely to be overlooked in the face of this crisis – the workers whose lives may be at risk both from the virus and also from the poverty of unemployment.
Throughout 2020, we’ll be working with fashion companies to encourage and challenge them to make these commitments in producing, and to do everything in their power to deliver them for the benefit of the most vulnerable workers in their supply chains.

Later in the year, we’ll publish a special edition of the Ethical Fashion Report that assesses the way individual companies and the industry have actively stood with these workers.

We’ll also consider the efforts they’re making to ensure their post-coronavirus business practices are more focussed on the wellbeing of workers and the world than they were before.

A street in Dhaka, Bangladesh, covered in waste fabric.

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