Seeds of Hope
LENT 2024


How do we have hope in the face of despair and challenge?

Because we work in some of the world’s toughest situations, it’s a question we’re often asked. We believe the Bible provides rich answers to this question. Come with us on a journey following the theme of hope this Lent. Together we’ll explore our Christian hope, discover how we can transform anxiety into action, and recognise the role we have in bringing hope those around us.  

Each week of Lent, we’ll provide a short video with questions and prompts for reflection, straight to your Inbox.  

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As the Body of Christ across the world enters the Lent season, together we intentionally prepare ourselves to reflect on the death of Christ and celebrate his resurrection. We join believers who, for over a millennium, have paused in various forms over this season to seek ways to live more like Christ.  

Let’s enter this season of Lent reflectively together, open to what God may invite us to.