Modern Slavery Video Series

What it is and why it still exists

A free video series exploring modern slavery today

This is a seven-part film series that explores the factors that cause modern slavery to continue, and the actions countries and individuals can take to combat it. It was recorded in 2021.  

The series can be viewed as standalone videos or used as a group study.  

As a general disclaimer, this topic is heavy and many of the videos describe instances of forced labour and sexual exploitation.  

Download the leader’s guide with discussion questions and suggested actions to go along with each video.  

Film One

What causes slavery to continue today?

Film Two

What does the Bible say about Slavery?

Film Three

What does slavery look like in higher income countries?

Film Four

What’s being done to tackle modern slavery globally?

Film Five

How can we make sure we are not exacerbating modern slavery in our daily lives?

Film Six

Understanding the importance of working to end modern slavery.

Film Seven

Links between pornography and modern slavery – how can we respond?