Climate Change 

Our Focus 

Our world is facing a climate crisis, and it disproportionately impacts communities living in poverty. As people called to love our neighbours and look after God’s creation, we have an important role to play in responding to this crisis.  

Tearfund is working to address climate change through advocacy and community development work. 

The Christianity and Climate Change series for a small group 

Christianity and Climate Change is a nine-part film series produced by Tearfund UK, featuring renowned Christian climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe. In each episode, she responds to climate questions from key church leaders and members.

Download this leader's guide with discussion questions and suggested actions.


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Film one

What the Bible says about the natural world

What is your understanding from the Bible of how God views the natural world?

Film Two

Climate Change is a poverty issue

How is climate change affecting the developing world where organisations like Tearfund work?

Film Three

How to persuade others to care about climate change

Do you have any advice on how we help fellow Christians understand the importance of working to end climate change?

Film Four

What we can do as a church

What advice would you give churches that want to do something together to combat the effects of climate change?

film five

Speaking to other Christians about climate change

What are the ways in which we can engage in the climate change debate and gently point people to Jesus?


Grateful for fossil fuels but time to move on

How do you engage with Christians who may take a very different view than you do regarding climate change?

Film seven

Climate change is a threat multiplier

How do we ensure that care for creation and climate change remain not only on the agenda, but high up the agenda?

Film Eight

There can be a better future

What are some key changes you hope happen after lockdown procedures ease in terms of climate change-related behaviour?

Film nine

It is not too late

Given the trajectory in our use of greenhouse gases and the global rise in temperature, is it already too late to react?

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Why we as Christians should care about climate change

As Christians, we have a crucial role to play in addressing climate change as a matter of justice.


What's urgent for young Christians?

Many young Christians are feeling concerned about climate change and how it will impact their future and others around the world.

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