Visiting your child

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Yes. Visits will be requested for prioritization at least eight weeks prior to the Visit date. This gives them time to plan your visit so it can be the best possible experience for all. Visits requested with less than eight weeks' notice will be considered short notice and may not be possible.

Please note that because we work hard to send every possible dollar to the countries in which we work, we are unable to help with any associated costs of your visit. The costs relating to your day’s visit will be passed on to you once your visit request has been approved by the country’s visit team.  

To arrange a visit to your sponsored child or request an information pack, please contact us by emailing info@tearfund.org.nz or phoning us on 0800 800 777. 

Though any sponsor or person can request to go, visiting your child is a privilege and should be treated as such. The minimum age for a traveller is 18 years. Kids or teenagers under the age of 18 may also attend with parental guidance and supervision.

Showing you care by visiting is one of the best gifts you can give your sponsored child, so there is no need to shower them or their family with expensive gifts. However, a small gift can help express your appreciation for being invited into your sponsored child's home, show them more about your culture or country, and provide an activity or a talking point during your visit. Our Sponsor Visit Handbook has some suggestions. Alternatively, we can ask our field staff to help buy some groceries or practical items for your sponsored child's family either before the visit day or assist in purchasing them while you’re together.

Feel free to contact us by emailing info@tearfund.org.nz or call 0800 800 777 to enquire about giving gifts on your visit. 

Visiting not only provides an opportunity for sponsors to deepen their understanding of poverty and our partner, Compassion International's work, but the visits also provide encouragement for children, parents, church staff, volunteers and workers. Many children dream of meeting their sponsors, so having them visit their community and meet their families is exciting.

Visiting also provides you with the opportunity to become an advocate for child sponsorship upon your return. You can share your story with friends, family, and perhaps even in your church. Partner with us to help tell more people about the incredible impact of child sponsorship on the life of a child and their family!

We will make sure to equip you with the knowledge you need to maximise the positive impact of your visit and minimise any potentially negative impacts. Local staff are present at all times to act as guides and interpreters to ensure the best experience for children and their sponsors.

Our field staff receive many requests from sponsors around the world who want to visit their sponsored children. We need at least eight weeks notice before you travel to allow enough time for the staff in your sponsored child's country to organise and schedule the visit, so the day’s itinerary will be a rewarding experience for both you and your sponsored child.  

A country staff member (your host for the day) must also accompany each visitor to ensure the safety of both the child and the sponsor. Your host will pick you up on the day of your visit and bring you to your visit location, act as an interpreter if needed and help you connect with your sponsored child. Your host can also answer cultural questions and give you deeper insight into the sponsorship ministry in your child’s country.