Tax Receipts

If you can't find the answer you're looking for,
call 0800 800 777 or email us

If we have a valid email address for you, and you haven’t specified otherwise, your annual tax certificate for the financial year ending 31 March will be emailed to you in early April.

If you don't receive your tax receipt or have trouble opening it, please contact us on 0800 800 777 or email us.

If we don't have your email address, or you have requested to receive communication from us by post, your annual tax receipt will be posted to you by mid-April.

If you haven't received your tax receipt by 30 April, please call 0800 800 777 or email us.

Please call 0800 800 777 or email, and we will email or post you a copy. We can also provide a copy of your tax receipt for previous years. Be sure to specify the tax period for which you are requesting a copy.

Your tax credit is the money you can claim back from the government for donations you've made to Tearfund during a particular tax year. You get 33.3% or one-third back of the total you donated. To claim your tax credit, you will need a printed or digital copy of your annual tax receipt from Tearfund.

Please note: You can't claim a tax credit for any charitable donations you've made through payroll giving at your workplace. This is because you have already received a 33% credit to your PAYE as the donation was collected.

If you have a myIR account, you can upload a digital copy of your tax receipt on the IRD website here. You can elect to transfer all or part of your credit to Tearfund as part of this process.

If you want to complete the process in printed form, you can:

  • Download and print an IR526 form from IRD - here.
  • Complete the form and attach your tax receipt to the back.
  • Send your completed form and tax receipt to the IRD.
  • Once you have received your tax credit, call 0800 800 777 or email, to arrange for your tax credit to come back to Tearfund.

We'd be so grateful if this is something you would consider.