LENT 2022

Join us for Lent as we reflect on the seven saying of Jesus from the cross

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Join Tearfund for Lent, this year

From the Cross, jesus gave Seven final  Savings that we can take to heart as we seek to become more like Christ this Lent.

As we journey through Lent this year , we invite you to join us in reflecting on the Seven Savings of jesus from the cross . For each saying we will provide a devotional guide and ashort video reflection . Join us as we consider topics like forgiveness , salvation,loneliness,trust,and

What is Lent?

Lent is 40-day period of spiritual discipline and renewal. In different forms, it has been practiced for well over a millennium. There are three traditional emphases:

Fasting. Going without. Simplifying. Sacrificial living. This helps us focus on our greatest need for God.

Prayer. Journeying with God throught the difficult and desert like a season of life.

Almsgivings. Embracing gratitude and generosity as a way of life. (You might like to consider giving to Tearfung as part of this discipline