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A goat is a simply, yet effective way to help reduce the vulnerability of people in low-income countries. The goat's milk, which can also be made into cheese, acts as a nutritious boost to the family's diet.

The extra milk and cheese can be sold at the market to increase the family's income. And when the goat gives birth, the earning potential grows too. This means that families can more easily cover their expenses and even save for the future.

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You’ll receive a physical card to give to your loved one. Each card has a picture of the gift, a story of its impact on a family in the developing world, and space to write a personal message to the recipient.

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Mina from Nepal says:

quote-marks.png After the training on commercial goat raising, I borrowed from my women’s group and I now have 40 goats. I plan to support vulnerable members of my group by selling them goats for a low price.


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