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For Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Covid-19 is one more burden on top the enormous challenges they already face every day. Many refugee families are unable to work in Lebanon, which means they have little to no income to meet their basic needs.

For refugee and vulnerable families in Lebanon who don't have the means to buy hygiene and disinfectant supplies, a hygiene kit—with items like masks, hand sanitizer, and soap—provides everything they need to protect themselves against Covid-19.

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*Under Alert Level 3, orders for physical cards will be delayed until further notice. Alternatively e-cards are still available for purchase.

You’ll receive a physical card to give to your loved one. Each card has a picture of the gift, a story of its impact on a family in the developing world, and space to write a personal message to the recipient.

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Moza from Lebanon says:

quote-marks.png I am not afraid for myself, but for my family. Because I lost my son already [during the war], the idea of losing someone else to this disease scares me. [Tearfund's partner] helped us by giving us soap, hand sanitizer, and tissues. But at the end of the day, we are still seven people in a tiny home.


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