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A goat provides nourishment and ongoing income for families in Nepal. Tearfund’s partner, Share and Care, provide vulnerable families with goats as a way of allowing them to earn an income. Goats are given to families who have lost their livelihood due to natural disaster or who are struggling with poor health. The goat provides milk for the family and to sell at markets. As the goat matures, she can give birth to baby goats which increases the families assets.

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"My name is Mr. Lal Bahadur Shrestha, and I am 64. I used to be a vegetable farmer, but the work became too hard as I got older. Because I coudn't farm, I couldn't provide for my family. When I was given a goat by Tearfund’s partner, I was so glad. It meant I could look after my family again. Raising goats is much easier than vegetable farming – I now have six goats! – and is very easy to earn income from. It gives me peace of mind. Last year I developed liver cancer, and was worried for my family. I have recovered, and am thankful that I have regular income through my goats to look after my family." –  Mr. Lal Bahadur Shrestha, Nepal

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