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Everybody needs an income and a steady source of food to survive, but what happens when both these essentials come under threat? This is what has happened in Mongolia as climate change has brought increased hardship to a country already challenged by extreme conditions. Mongolia’s nomadic herdsmen have been forced to adapt after repeated severe winters have wiped out their herds, destroying their traditional source of livelihood.
Our partner recognised that diversification was needed if people were going to recover from these successive weather events, so they began introducing these nomadic herders to growing vegetables as an alternative. As vegetables are not a normal part of the Mongolian diet, they did not know how to grow them, especially in such a harsh climate. Now eight sites have been set up with the involvement of communities with the aim of creating co-operatives to sell surplus vegetables to increase incomes.

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“For years I struggled to feed my family, then I heard about a community garden project in our village. They would provide training, gardening, tools, seeds and plots in exchange for our labour. I am a hard worker, and my kids are too. We spent some of each day gardening during the whole growing season. Finally, we harvested 1200kgs of vegetables, and we were very happy. It was amazing. We sold 70% of our harvested vegetables and paid off 80% of my daughter’s university fees.” —Dugerjav Dondov, Mongolia.

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