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Providing the means to earn a living is one of the key ways that Tearfund’s partners support individual families & communities to move out of poverty.  In Vanuatu, our partner Nasi Tuan, works with communities to establish chicken farms.  Chicken farming has taken place in many communities for many years, but the previous farming methods had problems with hygiene, theft and poor quality of meat.  With Nasi Tuan’s support, chicken farmers are now able to produce healthy chickens. 

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"I live in Lounahuru, Tanna, and am a grandmother in my 60s. I am also now a chicken farmer. I have been involved in creating a model farm in my community that others can replicate. Thanks to the materials and expertise of the Nasi Tuan staff, my chickens now have access to a constant supply of food and clean water. This has resulted in fatter chickens with a much higher quality meat. Keeping my chickens semi-free range has meant that their waste can be utilised and put in places where it is helpful and not harmful. Chicken manure is high in nitrogen and so great for adding to the soil in my garden. I now collect the manure from the chicken house and use it to fertilise my crops." — Esther, Vanuatu

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