Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Afghanistan is in chaos and you can help us respond to some of the most vulnerable families in the world today.

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The situation in Afghanistan is severe. Your support will make a real difference for the most vulnerable.

The Situation 

With the fall of Kabul on 15 August 2021 and the sudden change of government, tens of thousands of Afghans fled, often migrating to neighbouring countries in search of work. Those Afghans remaining in the country are facing huge challenges, with many unemployed or unpaid, and with little reliable access to food or basic medical care for their families. Women, children (especially girls), and the disabled are some of the most vulnerable.  

What's happening in Afghanistan? 

People are fleeing in fear after a change of power. Our partners on the ground are ready to respond as soon as possible. 

  • The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate rapidly as the country becomes more unstable. 

  • 550,000 Afghans have been displaced from their homes and communities since January 2021. That number will have certainly increased with the change in government. 

  • Even before the fall of Kabul on August 15, 2021, one in three people in Afghanistan were going hungry—that’s 14 million people, including 2 million children who are malnourished. 

Our Response

What is Tearfund doing?

Your support has enabled partner organisations to care for families living in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps.  

  • Food parcels were distributed to more than 1400 families   

  • Winter warmer packs with large blankets, warm clothing and shoes for children were distributed to 850 families.  

As these initial needs were met, the rebuilding stage of the response began. With your support, vulnerable, determined women learned to sew and were given equipment to start their own businesses to provide for their families. 

We are continuing to work with the most vulnerable and marginalised members of society through a livelihoods project to help people rebuild what they have lost.  

What is being achieved?  

Tearfund has long-established partners inside Afghanistan who are well-positioned to respond to those in need. Our partners are running a mobile medical clinic to treat internally displaced people, providing food aid for those with little to eat, and safe shelters for women and children from abusive and exploited backgrounds. 
Your funds will ensure that our partner can provide this relief and protection to the highly vulnerable in Afghanistan. 

La Gul worked in the local police until he was hit by a mortar and lost both legs. And when the government collapsed, he lost his pension. Now, he begs to support his wife and six young children. Afghanistan

“At this sensitive time when most… are unable to meet their daily needs, [your] assistance is truly appreciated. We are very grateful.” 

Pray with us

Pray that: 

  • The search for a new Executive Director would be successful and our partner would find the right person for this challenging job. 

  • Staff will be fulfilled in their work despite the difficulties they face. 

  • The people our partner serves will be empowered through their sustainable livelihood initiatives. 

  • Those in our partner’s programmes can find healing and recovery despite the terrible abuse they have suffered. 

  • Our partner can raise the much-needed funds to retain staff and run all their projects in Afghanistan. 

Thank you to those who have given already. As this need is ongoing, would you consider giving again to help? 

What your donation can do:


provides safe shelter for four victims of abuse or exploitation


supports a Mobile Medical Clinic for a week, supporting internally displaced people.

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