Compassion Global Food crisis

Our world is facing an unprecedented food crisis, and children are the most vulnerable.

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When war and drought strike, hunger hits hard. 


Extreme weather and drought have collided with the impact of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation. According to the World Food Programme, over the last two years the number of people consequently facing severe food insecurity has doubled. Globally, one in 10 people are now going to bed hungry each night.  

Children remain especially vulnerable to the impacts of this global food crisis. In addition to being malnourished, children are at risk of being pushed into child marriage and child labour, as their parents face impossible choices to feed their families.   


People in the World Affected

9.9% of people globally are affected by world hunger, which has been worsened by the food crisis.


Malnourished Children

149,000,000 children (about one in five worldwide) are chronically malnourished


Children Deaths/Year

3,100,000 children die from undernutrition each year.

Urgent action is needed. Together, we can answer this hunger with hope.  

Tearfund’s partner Compassion International is uniquely positioned globally, through the local church, to provide practical support and help tackle this crisis.  As they faithfully serve, they’ll help stabilise their communities in the short term while providing long-term hunger relief— all in Jesus’ name. 

By mobilising their church partners in food insecure countries, Compassion International is:   

  • Providing emergency food packages to some of the most vulnerable children and families. 
  • Provide long-term food security to communities by distributing seeds, fertiliser and livestock, and training on creating and maintaining home gardens and small-scale farms. 

How you can help 


could provide three children with food supplies for one month.


could provide a family of three with food supplies for two months.


could provide two families of five with food supplies for one month.

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+ Pray for those experiencing severe hunger globally.

+ Pray for resolution of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. This war is increasing the costs of living globally.

+ Pray for East Africa and other areas impacted by severe weather.

+ Pray for your sponsored child and their family during this time.

+ Pray that the recent peace agreement in Ethiopia will be honoured.