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Our partner, Compassion began partnering with churches in 1980.

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2023 Update from Uganda

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My name is Emmanuel Ahimbisibwe, a Senior Manager of Partnership at Uganda office. I have served for 17 years. I joined Compassion in 2005 as a Partnership Facilitator. In January 2021, I took on my current role after 3 years serving as a Senior Manager of Program support.

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The Global Food Crisis has been exacerbated by the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and prolonged drought in most parts of the country. It hit the most vulnerable populations the hardest, particularly children, the elderly, and women especially in Karamoja. Compassion distributed food relief to all the participants' families, and the most vulnerable community members in Karamoja & 76 Frontline Church Partners in the North and Eastern regions. Compassion provided funds for feeding children under five years that are facing malnutrition. By December 2022, Compassion distributed 33,065 food packs to 173,231 individuals.

Food distribution addressed immediate food insecurity and hunger. The children are healthier and happier and there has been a remarkable increase in participation of Compassion center programming. Compassion is enabling greater resilience through engaging the affected church partners in capacity building in designing and implementing sustainable livelihood interventions through the current targeted response and disaster response efforts.

Compassion is addressing the specific needs by supporting and involving Church Partners to develop participatory program designs for their contexts to maximize outcome attainment. Uganda office has taken a direction to gradually start moving away in areas where we have had a presence for over 20 years and we are now moving into far off hard-to-reach rural areas of greater need where our program is even more relevant. The third piece of our strategy is a realization that as we fight against poverty, relationships with like-minded stakeholders are critical for our success and we therefore seek to strengthen our collaboration with alliances and other networks so as to be stronger and more effective when we join efforts with others.

The last 2 years were difficult due to COVID-19 outbreak, yet, God opened doors for ministry in Uganda and in that period, we launched 45 new partnerships in formally unreached parts of the country that include northern Uganda and Northeast (Karamoja). His provision during the food crisis was amazing and saved many lives. This cannot be anything else but the hand of God at work in Compassion ministry in Uganda. We thank God for healing our land of the Ebola outbreak and COVID-19 pandemc that had affected programming in several projects. Program has now resumed, and we praise the Lord.

There is a big impact in sponsorship. Participant enrollment in Karamoja improved from 50% to over 95%. Caregivers equipped with positive parenting skills and children can adopt new health practices. Compassion delivers a holistic program. The foundation of Christ enables us to share unwavering hope with participants and caregivers, challenging and empowering the Church to own its ministry will go a long way to reduce dependence and promote sustainability.

One of our FCP situated in a rural community was recognized by the local government due to the efforts made to minister to children and mobilizing local resources to address contextual issues. Due to Compassion educational support, we celebrate one of our female participants from a humble background who accessed quality education in high school and is pursuing her dream course in Aeronautic Engineering in the only Flying Academy in the country.

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  • Kindly join us to pray against increased mental health challenges due to difficult economic situation across the country and economic recovery as result of the economic after effects of COVID-19.

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