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2023 Update from Honduras

Introduce yourself

My name is Yolanda Rodas, National Director (19 years in Compassion). In this letter you will find contributions from the National Leadership team to whom I have the privilege to serve with. We are so grateful to count with your support in the mission that we share.

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Like many countries, we are also recovering from the consequences of the pandemic, one of those is food insecurity. By 2023 it is considered as an emergency for the most vulnerable families, as incomes are very low and the cost of food increases. During the pandemic the churches provided food rations, but as lockdown measures are ending, we see the need to change the approach to better support participants and their families through economic sustainability opportunities.

We also face violence and insecurity, migration and lack of access to basic needs of education and health, as the principal challenges in Honduras. The churches are really the hope and the light of Jesus in communities facing these issues. Together, we as Compassion and the churches have been working to establish strong foundations for child protection, income generation and gospel activities to promote resilience, establish networks of support and diminish as much as we can the impact of those challenges.

Seeing the importance of working in a changing environment and considering that we are targeting new areas of poverty where context is different, we are in the preparation stage for adoption of our program grounded in developmental mindset, with a new church planning process geared toward long-term sustainability and prioritized needs from the participants and families. Our goal is preparing the church to be a promoter of change in the community.

Violence, migration, health and education needs are being addressed from a preventive approach, through programs such 'Good treatment in the family', 'Truth Seekers' and Youth Connection programs. We have also established a network of psychologists who provide restorative therapy to participants and their families. With your support and the alliances made by the churches, the participants are receiving medical attention and providing tools to stay in school and level up their learning.

"God has been opening doors for our ministry in Honduras. During this fiscal year we achieved important alliances with governmental and non-governmental institutions such as:

1. Collaboration for coordination of legal support in abuse cases.

2. Building alliances to provide training in 'Inspirational Leadership' and 'Responsible and Ethical Leadership-How to Prevent Corruption'.

3. Working with international partners who have identified a region of the country in the northern area in which a volunteer will be supporting a Child Development Center in health issues and the survival program, this is only the beginning to benefit more Churches. "

We are so grateful to see the fruit of the efforts of you as sponsor, donors, churches, and us as Compassion. We celebrate that five Compassion alumni are now working in Compassion Honduras office serving in different areas such Finance, IT, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Facilitation. They said that the chain of poverty has been broken in their families and they are happy to give something back to others that still need support in our country. They want you to know this: What you do is worthwhile and appreciated! Don't give up!

How can you pray

The churches are really the hope and the light of Jesus in communities facing thess issues. Our goal is preparing the church to be a promoter of change in the community.

  • Please pray protection for our participants and their families due to the violence and insecurity in our country.
  • We ask prayer for open doors for income-generating opportunities for families.
  • Pray for grace and wisdom for the churches and Compassion Honduras to better serve every participant and their families according to their specific needs.

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