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2023 Update from Haiti

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Dear Sponsors and Donors, grace and peace be with you! I am Guilbaud Saint-Cyr and I have been serving through the ministry of Compassion in Haiti for 25 years now. As the National Director, I lead an office of 127 staff along with a team of four direct reports.

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Food insecurity is having a devastating impact on Haiti. The nation is facing its worst food crisis in decades, with over 6 million people (around half of the population) experiencing food insecurity. This is due to several compounding factors including poverty, unemployment, natural disasters, and the current political unrest. This has resulted in increased poverty and malnutrition, particularly among children and the elderly.

Compassion has responded through a complimentary intervention providing food rations to the most affected areas. In the short term, it has given a lifeline to some of the participants in the most impacted communities. In the long term, Compassion is seeking funding for a livelihood intervention for 7,000 beneficiaries. Church partners have been seeking alliances that will build resiliency, some of the latest initiatives have been community credit & loan groups.

Among the strategic priorities of the Haiti Office are the following: Disaster response since Haiti is a disaster-prone country, the National Office has been responding to both natural and man-made disasters. The most recent ones are: - Earthquake in the south, - Civil and political unrest, - Cholera outbreak wash component.

Since the initial launch of this strategy in 2015, the National Office continues to serve the church partners 'one cluster of church partners at a time' with clean water, convenient sanitation, and awareness training on hygiene as part of the long-term WASH initiative. Income Generating Activities Program / Entrepreneurship, Different activities are held to help the participants in the quest for economic self-sufficiency. 1,000 families have received small loans in the south while more than 5,000 participants in the north will be following training on entrepreneurship soon.

A little more than a year ago, the southern part of Haiti was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. More than 70% of the participants and around 90% of the church partners were affected in one way or another by that disaster. Several schools, churches, and houses were either destroyed or damaged. By God's grace, all participants have completed their school year and started a new one. As nearly 30 centers were repaired or got a shelter, and more than 10,000 families have received either a shelter or got their house repaired. These are all testimonies of thousands of prayer requests that have been answered for both families and churches.

Several stories about the impact of the sponsorship ministry of Compassion are worth sharing: An alum named Daniel led a forum in partnership with other organizations on environmental stewardship and multi-sectorial responsibility for mayors in the south as part of capacity-building efforts for local authorities following the 2021 earthquake in the region.

Furthermore, more than a dozen employees of the national office are graduates of the sponsorship program of Compassion. The latest is Sagine, who has recently been recruited as a Survival Early Childhood Specialist after serving one of the Child Development Centers of her community for over three years. This is encouraging evidence of the impact of the sponsorship ministry.

How you can pray

The country has been going through instability, please pray for peace and godly leadership for the country.

  • Please pray for the protection and encouragement of the Compassion Haiti staff, the church partners, the participants, and their families as they are going through different hardships, particularly those who live or work in the most vulnerable areas.

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