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2023 Update from Guatemala

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My name is Leonel Xuya. I am the National Director of Guatemala. I've worked in Compassion International for 17 years in different roles. I currently work alongside the three managers of the three areas that compose our National Office.

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Global Food Crisis is a permanent threat against thousands of children in Guatemala. We estimate that almost one third of the population is at risk of food insecurity, while almost half of the children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition. We are concerned about this reality that impacts all areas of children's development. One example: hunger and lack of resources resulted in many children and youth not coming back to school after the restrictions of the pandemic. Currently, we are implementing interventions such as poultry farming and family vegetable gardens that provide food and income to families. We are also strengthening the benefit of school scholarships, technical training and entrepreneurship training.

One of our strategic priorities is to strengthen the movement of churches implementing the program so that they generate more and better development opportunities for children. We are strengthening church capacities so that, together, we can more effectively respond to growing needs such as hunger and climate change, among others.

We are happy and grateful that more and more church partners are managing strategic alliances that help them to promote actions that benefit the participants of the program. We believe that God is the one who provides key connections to achieve better results in the lives of children and youth. One example is the coffee project in the department of Quiché. There, a group of young people is growing coffee, and, thanks to the efforts of church leaders, it is being exported by a local cooperative. The young people receive payment for each 100 kilograms of coffee produced.

Thanks to Compassion's program, in many communities across the country, there are young professionals and entrepreneurs who otherwise would have had fewer opportunities to develop their potential. We have many stories of young people who are serving as professionals in public and private institutions. There are also young people who learned in the program trades such as baking, carpentry, electricity and beautician; they started their own business and have become the main breadwinners for their families. Many of these young people also exercise leadership in the church and in other areas. In 2022, 10,006 new children were enrolled in the program, and, thanks to their sponsors, they will have access to the same development opportunities.

How you can pray

We ask for your prayers for the children who, after two years, will return to school on a 100 percent attendance plan. We pray that all their needs will be met and that they will be able to overcome the learning gaps caused by the pandemic.

  • Please pray for our country and the general election process scheduled for this year.
  • Pray for peace and justice, so that political and social instability will not disrupt our operations this year.

Writing to your child is the best way to build a relationship, and your words of encouragement can mean the world.

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