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2023 Update from Ghana

Introduce yourself

I am Kobina Okyere Yeboah. I have served as the National Director of Compassion International Ghana since October 2021. I see it as a privilege to join hands with God and the Ministry in His work of enabling children and youth to achieve their God-given potential.

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The current food insecurity data from World Food Program Hunger Map for Ghana show that 22.82 percent of the population does not have sufficient food, while acute malnutrition of children under 5 is 6.8%. The country has recently seen an exponential rise in the inflation rate from 13.9% in January 2022 to 54.1% in December 2022. Compassion Ghana responded by providing food items to 16,158 participants and their families, 2,139 church partner staff and volunteers, and 282 church partner pastors. Some highly impacted 11,836 caregivers engaged in farming were also supported. The support to caregivers towards their livelihood promotion over time is gradually building their resilience, particularly in crop and animal farming.

The vision of Compassion Ghana is to raise fulfilled Christian youth who are influencing their world. We aspire to be a model national office that is a thought leader in holistic child development, and partners with the church and others to achieve its vision. We have a 5-year strategy based on key challenges such as rising youth unemployment, declining health, and educational outcomes, increasing incidents of disaster, disempowered caregivers, and evolving capacity needs of Frontline Church Partners [FCPs]. The three strategic change outcomes focus on fulfilled Christian youth, thriving and resilient families, and resourceful church partners. We are working and strengthening relationships with like-minded organizations and governing bodies at national and sub-national levels, as well as encouraging church partners to leverage on local resource mobilization opportunities.

As an office, together with our church partners, we have been praying and seeking the Lord's guidance around program sustainability. Our ask of the Lord has been that all participants and caregivers will be resilient and be able to sustain themselves. Two years ago, the office started an initiative with the objective of driving developmental mindsets and restoring dignity of households through the launch of church-centered savings groups among caregivers. The Lord has started answering our prayers. As of November 2022, 125 Savings Groups have been formed. This is an area we still need God's guidance and provision.

I am happy to share a success story with you: Pius is a 20-year-old participant located in a small farming community. Pius was registered at the center at the age of 9. He is currently in one of Ghana's public universities. He has won several awards: Best enterprising young farmer in his region, 2018 (Awarded by Ministry of Food and Agriculture), Young best farmer in Greater Accra, 2020 (Awarded by Young Investors Network), 1st runner up young farmer in his region, 2021 (Awarded by Ministry of Food and Agriculture). Pius is a great inspiration to the young people in his immediate community and the region.

How you can pray

Currently, Ghana is going through a debt-restructuring program which is envisioned to have implications on every aspect of the economy and the lives of the people including operations of the Compassion Ghana, our church partners, the child and youth participants, and their households.

  • Prayer is needed for God's guidance for the leaders through the process.
  • Prayer for Compassion Ghana participants who are battling with various health issues, particularly eight of them who are scheduled for major surgeries.

Writing to your child is the best way to build a relationship, and your words of encouragement can mean the world.

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