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2023 Update from Dominican Republic

Introduce yourself

My name is Tony Beltran, and I'm the National Director For Compassion Dominican Republic. I serve Compassion through a team of experts in areas such as program development specializing in youth, early childhood, health, and child protection. I also have the joy of serving alongside the team responsible for helping the churches through partnerships while they achieve their call to serve the poorest. And a team that oversees our change plans, budget, and data collection to measure growth and impact.

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As a result of the pandemic and the strict lockdowns, our productive sectors were severely affected. We had one of the most extended schools absent restrictions, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, and hurricanes and storms significantly affected the agriculture sector. Now, our biggest concern is related to high inflation and food prices.

Hurricanes and oil prices for agriculture are affecting the capacity of families to buy essential food supplements. It is very sad to hear that several families in our program are worried about not having enough food, others have reduced the number of meals per day, and even others have reported that at least one family member has gone without food for more than a day. This reality breaks the heart of the Lord.

Sadly, we are also observing growth in child mortality, teenage pregnancy, and a significant rise of deadly sicknesses to children and adults, such as diphtheria, cholera, malaria, and chronic dengue fever. Frontline Church Partners [FCPs] are being trained on how to train the families to prevent sicknesses such as cholera and diphtheria. And we are training them in identifying the symptoms to provide appropriate and timely care to children and families affected by these sicknesses.

Churches are receiving close support from our child survival specialist to prevent child mortality. The same is happening with the teenagers in our program. Our youth specialist is launching programs, and courses opportunities for the youth base on their regions.

In our most immediate response, we have provided food baskets to those in critical need. Our country produces enough food but, because of inflation, many families cannot afford it. We are planning to provide some educational opportunities (English classes and other vocational training) for youth and parents in order to empower them to take advantage of the opportunities of living in a tourist economy. Additionally, there are some communities that we cannot serve because we have no presence. We are intentionally growing our capacity to serve new communities. We expect to grow in 35 new communities in the following six months. Finally, our current strategy includes specific interventions to prevent the deaths of children born in the first 28 days.

Even though I have shared some difficult situations, I want to highlight that I have seen God working abundantly through his church among the needs we see. Last week I had the privilege to visit a church in a community called Capotillo. While interacting with the church leaders, I learned that two children in the program affected by the cholera outbreak survived due to the church's intervention. I also learned about two little twins who were born prematurely, about one pound each; the expectation for them to survive was almost nonexistent. The church took these abandoned babies with their grandma and provided their needed care. Today they are healthy babies growing strong. It is evident that the Lord shows His faithfulness among the most critical needs. We get to see countless stories of God's intervention.

God is at work, and we have the joy to see that translated into alums serving back in their communities. Two stories come quickly to mind from this past year. Two months ago, I read an article in a newspaper about a young Dominican medical doctor who specialized in Japan and executed the first neurosurgery in the east of the country. My biggest surprise was that this young doctor was Nujerling, an alum! She was offered a job to stay in Japan, but chose to come back and serve her people. I also got the privilege to visit another alum, José, a medical doctor that was appointed as the health union president in the province of San Juan, Dominican Republic. God is using children who grew up in poverty to transform their communities for the glory of Jesus.

How you can pray

Thank you for praying for staff, children and families in the Dominican Republic

  • Pray for our food security plans.
  • Please pray for strength and wisdom for our staff as we prioritize the need for interventions.
  • Please also pray for our growth plan in the different regions of our country.
  • Pray for the children and their families. And pray for the health of our staff.
  • We are thankful for you and the impact you're making alongside us. Please know we are also praying for you and God's provision for you and your family.

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